This Is The RIGHT Way To Cleanse For Model Skin


kendall jenner

Source: Taylor Hil/Getty Images

We used to just pick up whatever was on offer; if it said exfoliating, great, or suitable for acne-prone skin, sold. But since the world of Instagram happened and we’re now constantly exposed to the hottest miracle ingredients, we’re more skincare savvy than ever before! We know that using the right cleanser is essential because using the wrong type of cleanser can do more damage than good – if you don’t, you need to read our guide to cleansers. But using the right cleanser isn’t enough; there are a few things you need to do to make the most of your cleansing routine and get the gorgeous skin you deserve. Here are our top tips:

Double cleanse

When bedtime rolls around, normally, all we want to do is flop into bed, but making sure every last drop of makeup and oil is gone from your skin is SO important. The process of double cleansing basically means washing your face twice. Round one will remove most of your makeup and some of the bacteria and pollutants that accumulate throughout the day. The all-essential second cleanse will remove residue left behind excess makeup, and it will actually be able to penetrate your skin and remove toxins and clear away old skin cells. If it’s not all thoroughly washed away, it can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and eventually breakouts. The only time you don’t need to double cleanse is in the morning. Overnight your skin recovers from the stress of the day and is less likely to be exposed to toxins and pollutants; this means when you wake up, you only need to wash your face once to remove excess sebum and refresh your skin. If you wash your skin too much, you can risk drying it out and causing sensitivity.

Get the temperature right

Washing your face with warm water is important. If it’s too hot, you can damage your skin, but if it’s too cold, your pores will shrink so that the wash isn’t able to penetrate and clean effectively.

Rinse thoroughly

Not washing your cleanser off thoroughly, especially around your hairline and jawline, can cause the skin to get dry and overtime could lead to breakouts. It’s better to spend an extra few seconds making sure it’s properly washed away.

Dry with caution

Hands off the hand towel! We know it’s the most convenient thing to reach for, but your hand towel really isn’t what you should be drying your freshly cleaned face on. Stock up on mini face towels that you can use once or twice or use facial tissues. This means bacteria, dead skin cells, and any leftover makeup won’t be continually retransferred to your face. Another important thing to bear in mind is that the skin on your face is very fragile, so pat your skin dry gently, and avoid rubbing your skin, which can deepen fine lines and wrinkles and irritate your skin.

Moisturize immediately

Post-face wash is the best time to moisturize. The heat of your skin combined with any residual moisture means that creams and serums will be able to penetrate more deeply.

Once you’ve washed, don’t forget to tone, see why here!