This Potent Ingredient Will Legit Give You Better Skin In 3 Days

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It seems like venom is everywhere you turn in the skincare world lately. Bee venom, snail venom — even snake venom. And although venom, in general, has some pretty negative connotations (like IDK DEATH?) it’s actually seeing an improved rep these days. “Even botox is a type of ‘venom’ as it temporarily relaxes muscles in a similar manner, momentarily erasing wrinkles,” says board-certified dermatologist and founder of EIGHTH DAY Skincare,” Tony Nakhla. And since we’re always on the hunt for products that keep wrinkles at bay, we decided to investigate further and break down the different types of venom (and products) available.

But before we do, there’s one overarching thing to be aware of when it comes to all things venom: You get what you pay for. These products are pricey for a reason — and you’re paying for scientific research and years of testing that go along with them — so if you’re looking for cheapie knockoffs, chances are they won’t get the job done and they can’t be trusted when it comes to safety and efficacy— so be careful!! Now onto the fun part, and the venoms we’re loving right now:

Snail Venom

It’s no secret snail mucin or “snail slime” products are a big deal in the K-beauty world, popping up in creams and sheet masks everywhere. But one of the first skincare gurus to start working with the escargot-esque miracle worker stateside, was in fact, skincare guru, Peter Thomas Roth.

The hero product within his collection is the Un-Wrinkle Turbo Face Serum, $120, which is a fast-acting wrinkle treatment packed with synthetic snail venom, neuropeptides, and diamond dust (yes, really) that’s pretty much the pain-and needle-free equivalent of a mini facelift. Since Snail Venom Conopeptide has a muscle relaxing effect, which thereby relaxes the look of wrinkles, you’ll be seeing a lot less of those unwanted facial expression lines in no time, and all you have to do is apply twice daily to clean skin. Seriously, if you need to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles STAT (like for a major event that requires putting your best face forward), this is the serum to reach for, and the best part? You can see a difference in as little as three days post use. Works for us!

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Bee Venom

When you take a minute to think about bee stings and their swelling effects, the whole bee venom in skincare products thing makes total sense. And when you can reap the rewards of the venom, minus the actual (and painful) stinging part? Even better. We’re just mad we didn’t patent this genius ingredient’s potential first.

Skincare powerhouses like Rodial and Valmont did, however, creating products that have amassed a serious cult following like Rodial Bee Venom Micro-Sting Patches, $10, and Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser, $200, that plump and smooth, correct sun damage, deeply hydrate, and even out tone. Another fun fact? Bee venom stimulates collagen to rebuild and restructure the skin over time, so the mild tingling sensation is well worth it for the instant skin-firming benefits.

Snake Venom

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Although the thought of lathering snake venom on our face or body is actually scary AF, the positives outweigh the risks in this case, so we’ll take one for the team. And besides, snake venom has been used for medicinal purposes in eastern cultures and a bunch of movies we live our life by, so we’re here for it

We’re also here for Dr. Nakhla’s EIGHTH DAY Eye Renewal Cream, $225, which is based around a bio-identical protein found in snake venom that temporarily relaxes muscles, much like its snail venom counterpart. In other words, snake venom is the answer to puffiness, dark circles, and crepey fine lines around your eyes — his custom combination of designer eye peptides in this cream is no joke. Still worried about the venom getting too close to your eyes? Don’t be. Dr. Nakhla explains, “we only use the protein that has an active effect on the muscle and in a small enough dose that the effect is immediate and temporary,” he explains. Good to know… Now pass the venom. 🐍

Would you be willing to try any of these venomous skincare treatments? Let us know in the comments below.