TikTok On Trial: The Viral Exfoliating Glove TikTok Is Obsessed With

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viral tiktok exfoliating glove

Sometimes it feels like TikTok has a new “viral” product each week (there kinda is), from the new must-have lip gloss to a drugstore cleanser. So, we decided every time a praiseworthy beauty product made it BIG, we’d put it on trial and give it our full review. The latest product in question is the N˚1 Illume Glove, $22, loved for its ability to exfoliate your body like never before, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. We had a sneaky suspicion it would be a huge success as we’ve been using exfoliating gloves for years on the DL – a hack we picked up from the Hamman spas here in Dubai. Intrigued? Here’s our full review.

The Hype

Millions of people have seen this viral video, causing the brand’s website hits to increase 1893% and sales to shoot up 1057%, which shows you how much power and influence TikTok possesses. TikTokers have since shared their results, and in each video, the results are consistent: spaghetti-like skin shedding and glowing, soft skin.

@no1illumeN°1 exfoliation ✨ ##fyp##foryou##LiftYourDream##smallbusiness##silkexfoliatingglove##learnontiktok##skincarehack##deepexfoliation♬ original sound – Kelsey Elisabeth

Our Review

What it is: An intricately woven, 100% silk exfoliating glove used to exfoliate, purify, and energize the skin.

What it does: When we say this product will go above and beyond for you, we’re not exaggerating. As we mentioned, this ancient ritual of exfoliation and detoxification originates from the bathhouses of Turkey. Through the combination of physical exfoliation and blood stimulation, you’ll not only remove dead skin, but you’ll also brighten dull skin, help prevent ingrown hairs, and even improve the appearance of post-inflammatory while evening skin tone.

It’s also a helpful tool if you have booty spots or backne as it’ll help gently remove dead skin that could otherwise lead to clogged pores. Alternatively, if you’re a fake tan lover, this is a must-have as it’ll nix any fake tan build-up and provide a smooth canvas for streak-free application.

How to use it: First, soak in the bath or shower for 15 minutes, then gently dry your body with a towel so that your skin is still damp but not wet. Slip the glove onto your hand and run it under cold water. Press the glove into your skin, using back and forth motions to exfoliate the skin. Your skin may not always peel but rest assured the exfoliation is still effective! Also, be gentle on sensitive areas, like those with sunburn, eczema, and cuts & grazes. Limit usage to once a week to maintain the equilibrium of your skin.

What we liked: This has to be one of the most satisfying products we’ve used all year as you can literally see your dead skin peel off. Plus, our skin felt so smooth and soft as it not only banished dead skin, but it also allowed our lotions to work their magic more effectively.

What we didn’t like: If you have very sensitive skin, you may experience some redness when using this glove. You should also be wary of over-exfoliating, so be careful on sensitive areas of the skin and don’t apply too much pressure. The other thing to note is that you have to prep your skin with warm water for 15 minutes to see TikTok-worthy results, so make sure you have enough time.

Our final verdict: This glove just became our bath-time self-love staple. We love how easy it is to use, and the results are incredible. Our only word of warning? Don’t apply too much pressure!

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