These TikTok-Approved Stretches Will Make Your Day Better


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It sounds dramatic, but that first stretch of the morning really hits the spot. Thankfully, you can get your kick through the day as well as first thing in the morning. TikTok’s filled with cuties who use stretching to help relieve stress, get their muscles going, and even experience little pockets of peace without journalling! (We’re not putting down our journals any time soon, though, and nor should you – read why here.) We’ve shortlisted our fave stretching routines here and listed them based on typical day-to-day moments; you know, like before your 83rd Teams meeting. Get scrolling and stretchhhhhhh.

1. After You “Rise & Shine”

@makeitraene Good morning Tiktok! Let’s get stretching! #tiktokfitph #tiktoksportsph #WatchMeNow #yoga #asana #yogini #yogateacher #yogalove ♬ Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio

What it does: Shakes off any morning grogginess.
How it works: When you sleep, a) your heart rate slows down, b) your muscles relax and tend to remain in the same position. Stretching “wakes” your body up by boosting blood flow, gently upping your heart rate, and relieving your muscles from any stiffness caused by sleeping in the same position for eight long hours. It’s pretty similar to warming your car’s engine for about 30 seconds before hitting the accelerator.

2. Before Your AM Workout 

@jalalsamfit Easy to follow morning routine, get energized! #morningroutine #stretch #stretching #mobility #fitness #homeworkout #workout #getfit #health ♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

What it does: Preps the body for physical activities.
How it works: If you work out, you’ve probably been schooled in the pros of mobility training. If not, they’re simple exercises that help loosen and increase your muscles’ range of movement, so you don’t tear something mid-workout. And if you’re not a gym hunny? Well, these exercises can help improve your ability to handle unplanned vigorous activities! Translation: your arms won’t feel as sore after a big workout, moving day, or even spontaneous all-nighters with the boo.

3. After You Park Your Car

@the_a_life Our bodies don’t like long drives, try these stretches #carstretch #longdrive #yogastretches ♬ original sound – iamjadefox

What it does: Eases your stiff muscles after a long drive.
How it works: Driving long distances can be pretty rough on your muscles and joints – specifically, your knees, shoulders, and lower back. A mini-stretch session (after parking, OFC) can help ease traffic-induced tension in these areas while strengthening your glutes and correcting your posture. And let’s be honest: it’s MUCH healthier to stretch the stress out than unleash it on your nearest and dearest.

4. Before Joining Your 83rd Teams Meeting 

@mad_fit OFFICE DESK YOGA. Most of us are SITTING majority of the day. Take a few minutes out of your day to OPEN UP that chest and stretch out those shoulders! Your body will thank you! #fyp #deskstretches #officeyoga #deskyogachallenge #mobility #flexibility #yoga #fitnesstips #workout #workoutroutine #fyp #foryou ♬ Sticky – Drake

What it does: Subdues any “this should’ve been an email” frustration.
How it works: If you’re like us, you’re probably slouched over your laptop at any given hour of the day. But we recently discovered office yoga (AKA doing simple movements at or near desks), and best believe it changed. our. damn. lives. We’re talking improved posture, minimal back aches, and zero midday slumps. These stress-busting moves include opening up your chest, stretching your shoulders, and rotating your neck, all of which alleviate any discomfort at the comfort of your desk… Without drawing any glares from spectators.

5. After Anxious Thoughts Arise 

@asiachantellyoga Yoga to help reduce anxiety 🙏🏾🧘🏽‍♀️♥️#GetTheWChallenge #yogatiktok #breathedeep #yogatipsforbeginners #blackgirltiktok ♬ Lady – D’Angelo

What it does: Brings in peace when things get rough.
How it works: Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a few seconds to re-center yourself with yoga. Try regulating your breathing patterns while performing yoga poses like the Forward Fold, Child’s Pose, Camel Pose, etc., to offer your headspace some much-needed quiet time.

6. Before Hitting The Sack

@justin_agustin Beginner nighttime #stretchroutine for #stressrelief ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Joytastic Sarah

What it does: Helps your mind unwind.
How it works: Chances are you’re worrying about a billion things before bedtime – that ain’t good for your beauty sleep, bestie. Enter: stretching. It shifts your attention from stressors to your breathing, loosens your muscles to keep away midnight cramping, and ushers in a sense of peace. Yup, studies prove it helps you fall asleep faster too. What’s not to love?

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