TikTok Just Blessed Us With THE Easiest Contour Hack To Date


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TikTok is always serving up new hacks, and although some may be (seriously) questionable, others are simply AHHHmazing. We recently stumbled upon one that gives the gift of snatched cheekbones with just one dot of cheekily-placed contour (pun intended). Since we’re likely to ditch our full beat contour technique for this easy-to-do hack, we just had to give you the full DL so you could shake up your routine too!

The Viral TikTok Hack

@meganlavallie sometimes a straight line from your ear can look a little intense #contourhacks #contour #makeup ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

The hack: While we typically see YT queens dot or line their contour from their ear to their cheekbones, TikToker @meganlavallie keeps it simple by applying a single dot of her contour to a specific spot on her cheek, right above her upper molar teeth.

The hype: We’re not surprised that the hack’s gained some serious momentum with over 500,000 double-taps (so far), because it works wonders for beauty newbies and babes in a hurry. Did we mention that it lets you contour in about 10 seconds flat? Chiseled cheekbones, here we come.

How to get the look: “There’s this one spot on your cheek that if you poked a hole through, it would touch your teeth,” says Megan. She dots a medium-sized spot above her upper back teeth with her contour wand and blends in circular motions using a fluffy brush, like the larger end of our Huda Beauty Tantour Face Contouring Sculpt & Shade Brush, $28. She buffs close to the dotted area and reveals an effortless, chiseled glow.

Megan uses the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, $40. You can also try the Huda Beauty Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream, $30, which has a broad shade range and is super pigmented and easy to blend.

What we liked: Unlike every other snatched tutorial you’ve *ever* hit play on, this hack uses minimal product to sculpt your high points – literally, just one dot. Not only does it make streaky contour lines a thing of the past, but the technique saves your time and your product while creating a natural-looking sculpted glow on all face shapes.

@jawarshere #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen did not think that it would end like that ?!?! #contourhack #makeup #cheekbones ♬ Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Rod Stewart

What we didn’t like: NGL, it took us a little time (and a lot of finger-jabbing) to find the exact spot Megan refers to. We recommend feeling around your upper back teeth with your index finger above your cheek as you use your tongue as a poking tool to guide you. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, et voila, you can flawlessly contour wherever you are!

Our Final Verdict

We’re definitely bookmarking this under our top TikTok faves for multiple reasons:

A. Super easy
B. Uses a lot less product, so your sculpting formulas can stick around until spooky season
C. It gives a 10/10 result

To nail the natural snatch, read our Cream Contour 101: How To Do The Ultimate Natural Snatch – you got this, boo!