5 Tips For Making The Best Comeback In 2021


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With the start of a new year, it’s time to awaken the goal-getter within you. Stop leaving things to chance, set goals, manifest your future, and most importantly dream big. We realize we may sound like a cheesy Instagram caption but trust us; it works, and we have studies to prove it. After all, 2021 has to be better than 2020, right?

Here’re five things you can do to make a successful start to 2021!

1. Set Goals, Both Minor and MAJOR

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When it comes to setting goals, we like to split ours into two categories: little and large! Start with smaller more achievable goals, like walking to work more often or eating a handful of berries in the morning, this way you’ll continue to feel motivated when you achieve them. If you set yourself a goal like ‘exercise five days a week’ when you currently don’t exercise at all, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, think: ‘I will do three activities a week that get my heart going!’ There’s nothing more disheartening than setting goals you’ll never achieve. So don’t set yourself the unlikely goal of never getting an Uber to work (those rainy days can be a b*tch). Once you start smashing your targets, build on them, and eventually, you’re more likely to reach more major goals. Remember, it was the tortoise who won the race – baby steps!

Then there are those major goals – your BIG dreams. When setting these, try to think about what you’d aim to achieve if failing wasn’t a possibility. It will help you get past those negative thoughts. Once you’ve outlined both sets of goals, write them down and move onto manifestation. It’s also helpful to give yourself a timeframe to complete them and don’t forget to check in with yourself each quarter or even every day.

2. Manifest Your Success

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When it comes to manifestation, there are three typical standpoints: first, the doubtful – you’re seriously skeptical that manifestation can bring positive results. Second, the confused, and third, the firm believers and daily practitioners. Let us begin by explaining that manifestation is the transformation from thought into its physical equivalent, AKA an idea or goal that becomes a tangible reality through the work of your own feelings, thoughts, and positive affirmations. It doesn’t translate from “I want a pink Lamborghini” into a pink Lamborghini springing up on your doorstep one day, rather it opens your mind to positive thoughts and brings about the dedication and motivation to achieve a goal and the success that will enable you to buy your own pink Lamborghini.

To manifest your goals for 2021, start by letting go of any negative thoughts, feelings, and doubt that surrounds that goal. The best way to do this is by writing down your fears; for example, my move to Dubai will fail, then alongside it, acknowledge the feeling but follow with “This feeling will not serve me.” Once you have eliminated those emotions, you can start to cultivate the positive and manifest your happiness with a clean slate. Begin by writing positive affirmations, for instance, “I’m committing to moving abroad and I will open my heart, mind, and body to new opportunities.”

Another helpful manifestation tool is a vision board, which can contain any aspect of your life including relationship goals, career goals or materialistic goals using pictures or even words written on a post-it. Once it’s completed, light a candle and manifest.

3. Practice Gratitude Daily 

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The practice of gratitude is about taking time to actively be thankful for what you have. It may seem like a simple practice, but it’s hugely beneficial for your state of mind and even your physical health. One study showed that it’s been shown to reduce depression and increase happiness while another study showed that it reduced aggression and increased empathy. In fact, we’ve noticed a definite impact on our mental health when we are practicing gratitude as opposed to when we let the habit slip; we have a more positive outlook and feel less anxious. Beyond our mental health, it’s also been shown to improve your physical health as people who practice gratitude are more likely to exercise and have frequent health checkups.

So, while you’re enjoying your cup of tea or coffee in the morning think of three things you’re grateful for; it can be anything from a tasty meal to having a supportive partner. Try to make them different each morning. Alternatively, saying them aloud at night by thinking of three things you were grateful for that day also works – it helps get past the craziness of your day and remind you of the positive things.

4. Meditate

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We’ll be real with you; meditation is a habit that you have to maintain to reap the rewards but once you do, it’ll quite literally blow your mind. The added bonus? It can amp up your glow game as it boosts blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to your skin (find out how, here). It also helps you stay focused, calm, and more balanced and there are SO many studies to prove it! One study examined the impact of an eight-week mindfulness and meditation course on a group of people and found that their ability to stay focused increased. Other studies have also shown that it makes you more compassionate and kind to others as you’re more considerate of other people’s emotions. Try apps like Headspace (they have a great 10-day free course) and Calm for helping you understand and practice meditation.

5. Get Active in the AM

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It’s no secret that being active improves your mental, and of course, physical health. It improves your mood, focus, and quality of sleep while lowering the risk of health conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure. Even if you commit to walking for thirty minutes a day or taking the stairs every day, you’ll start to notice a positive impact in weeks.

If you’re ready to go the extra mile, start by exercising in the morning. By working out in the morning, you’ll instantly increase levels of dopamine (the happiness hormone) while lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), which spikes first thing in the morning. Not only will you boost your mood, but morning workouts kick start the process of neurogenesis; the creation of new brain cells. If the idea of dragging your butt to the gym each morning sounds hellish, try the 7-minute workout, which you can do from the comfort of your living room. For a longer workout, do it four times – it may not sound like much, but trust us that you’ll be hella-sweaty by the end!

Let us know your 2021 goals in the comments below.