These Perfume Dupes Seduce Just Like Tom Ford's Black Orchid



Hello, and welcome to seduction 101. Our first class is (obviously) on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, a potion that lives rent-free in our heads. Captivating perfumers for decades, we asked one of our fave fragrance influencers, Michelle Leighanne, AKA Sis, You Smell Good, to reveal her fave dupes for this opulent juice. But first, let’s talk about why (and how) Tom Ford’s Black Orchid enchants. 

The Seduction Potion: Tom Ford Black Orchid, $150

1-TOM-FORD-Black-Orchid-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Tom Ford

The tale of enchantment starts with Tom Ford, a fashion gawd, who hunted far and wide for the rare black orchid but to no avail. He managed to create his own with the help of a Californian orchid grower and then decided to replicate the seduction with an Eau De Parfum, which he released in 2006. Seventeen years later, the dark elixir continues to bewitch perfume parlors, fragrance lovers, and social media alike, sitting at a humble five million views on TikTok and counting. 

What Does Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Smell Like? 

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It’s strong, sexy, and opulent. One whiff activates your villain origin story. With over ten hours of performance, the juice has 23 interesting notes that kiss your skin and linger long into the day (and night).

You’re first seduced by a dark blend of black truffles, gardenia, and ylang-ylang, before citrusy sparkles of bergamot and mandarin orange catch you off-guard. Once you get comfortable, it settles into the hero orchid note as sweet gardenia, jasmine, and other spicy notes take over. Finally, a luxe layer of patchouli, Vanille, incense, and sandalwood envelop your senses, turning things hot and heavy in seconds. Hard to resist and harder to walk away from, it’s a timeless unisex bottle that commands authority whenever and wherever. 

See why it’s a fave? Thankfully, its fans include perfume houses that have developed their own concoctions of the seductive potion. Ahead, find Michelle’s fave dupes, plus TikTok’s go-to… 

Dupe #1: Dossier Spicy Orchid, $39

2-Dossier-Spicy-OrchidSource: Dossier

Inspired by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Dossier created a lil’ sumn’ for the fresh, floral folk. It presses start with a spicy swirl of cinnamon, pink pepper, and mandarin. Soon, ylang-ylang and plum entangle with musky orchids before drying to creamy sandalwood, vanilla, and intoxicating patchouli. Michelle says it mirrors the OG at a fraction of its cost – what’s not love? 

Dupe #2: Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud, $104

3-VAN-CLEEF-&-ARPELS-Precious-OudSource: Van Cleef & Arpels

Michelle bookmarks this for days when she wants a softer, comforting version of Black Orchid. She says it’s “easier on the nose with less patchouli.” Van Cleef’s perfumer mixed its hero note – oud – with fresh bursts of bergamot and pink pepper. It then transforms into a floral heaven with notes of tuberose and jasmine before a warm woody trail of oud, sandalwood, and patchouli takes over. 

Dupe #3: Oud 24 Hours Ard Al Zaafaran, $24

5-Oud24-Hours-Ard-Al-ZaafaranSource: Oud 24 Hours

Many TikTokers swear this is an affordable Black Orchid dupe, and after looking at the note profile, we understand why. It shares two spicy top notes: mandarin orange and bergamot, which explains the similar citrusy opening. Elevated with a burst of ylang-ylang, gardenia, and jasmine, it casually dries to a cozy combination of patchouli, sandalwood, oud, and amber. Not at all bad for $23… 

Similar Vibe, Similar $$$: Tiziana Terenzi Maremma Extrait de Parfum, $295

4-Tiziana-Terenzi-Maremma-Extrait-de-ParfumSource: Tiziana Terenzi

While we totally understand this isn’t an affordable dupe, if you love Black Orchid but are looking for something that’s a lil’ less well-known – #exclusive – this is for you!

According to Michelle, this “has the Black Orchid DNA” but starts with bitter bergamot and blackcurrant instead of a nutty blast of truffles. She says it’s more feminine with powdery orris root that transforms into sweet-ish notes of agarwood, lotus, cumin, and honey. A wave of creamy patchouli, cocoa powder, and sandalwood follows, lingering for hours and setting you up for major compliments. 

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