Lazy Girl’s Guide: Super Easy Tone Up & 10 Min Booty Workout

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We love everything about the holidays – the glam parties,  the festive spirit, the delicious food, and of course the Black Friday deals. During the festivities, we obviously want to look and feel our best, but we equally don’t want to limit our pumpkin pie intake, which means we should probably also schedule in some time for exercise. So we spoke to celebrity trainer and fitness guru, Jeremy Gwyer (who knows we want to feel fit but aren’t the most committed bunch): he put together a quick, at-home exercise routine that only takes 15 minutes and requires no weights – that’s what we’re talking about! Jeremy promises if you do this quick routine four times a week, within three weeks you’ll notice a difference.

The Workout

The workout is aimed at toning your tummy and tightening that booty, using only your body weight. If you stick to the rest periods, it should only take you 10-15 minutes. You should do the sequence three times, with a two-minute rest in between each full round. For the first week do the routine three times. The goal would be to add one round per week, so the first week do three rounds, the second week do four rounds, and for the third week do five rounds!

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The Workout

1. SQUATS (x 20): Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lower your body as low as possible, pushing your hips backward. Then push yourself back up to your starting position. Make sure you go slow and steady on the way down, and controlled on the way up. Do 20 squats in total, with a 10-second shake out.

2. PUSH UPS (x 10): Start by placing your hands shoulder-width apart, with your chest to the floor and your legs extended (or if you’re a newbie like us, go on your knees). Keep your body in a straight line as your lower your chest to the floor, bending only your arms. Then lift your chest back up so that you return to your starting position, making sure you always keep your body straight (no booty in the air) – the same tempo, slow on the way down, controlled on the way up. Do 10 of these, followed by a 10-second rest, then get back on your feet.

3. REVERSE LUNGES (x 10): These are the same as regular lunges, but instead of stepping forwards you step backward (better for the booty). A lot of the time when people lunge, their stance isn’t narrow enough. The closer your feet are, the harder you have to work to stabilize yourself. When you lunge, make sure your torso is moving up and down rather than pushing it forward. This will help you remain balanced, and allow you to shift your weight through your foot. Do 10 on each leg, then shake it out for a 10-second rest.

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4. CRUNCHES (x15): Lie down with your back on the floor and put your feet up on the sofa (although don’t get too comfortable). Dig your heels into the sofa, reach up and touch your toes (or as close as possible). Do 15 of these and then rest for 10 seconds.

5. GLUTE BRIDGE x (15): Remain in the same position as the crunches, but this time you’re going to lift your butt and hips off the floor and hold for two seconds at the top. Do 15 of these, and then rest for 10 seconds.

6. PLANK (30 seconds): You’re almost done, we promise! Roll over into the plank position: get into a push-up position, keeping your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Make sure your body is straight – don’t stick your booty in the air, that’s cheating! Hold this position for 30 seconds. Now you can rest for two minutes and do the whole thing again – if you can!

After three weeks, you can even switch it up and start this 7-minute workout, which is proven to deliver results within the month. Do you guys prefer to work out at home or go to the gym?