I Tried The Most Affordable And Luxurious Brush Collection Of The Year (And I'm Obsessed)



Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brush collectionIf there’s one thing you can always rely on Morphe for, it’s amazing makeup brushes and good quality eyeshadows. Their latest collaboration with Jaclyn Hill has to be one of my fav collabs of the year (I loved Nikita Dragun’s red lipstick collection for Morphe too)! Jaclyn is such a talented makeup artist, and I love the eyeshadow palettes she’s created with Morphe. I was lucky enough to be sent the entire Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brush collection, here’s what I thought.

What it is: A 24-brush collection featuring face and eyeshadow brushes made with both synthetic and natural hairs.

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Master Collection, $264, comes with a cute sparkly silver case, 9 face brushes, and 15 eye brushes.

The Face Master Collection, $84, has five essential face brushes for beating your face like pro, and a sparkly silver case.

Jaclyn Hill The Face Master CollectionSource: Morphe

The Eye Master Collection, $62, has the ultimate ride or die brushes needed for any eye makeup look, and a sparkly silver case.

Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master CollectionSource: Morphe

What we liked: I honestly love this collection – it feels really luxurious and glamorous; with the metal finish and JH initials, the white wooden handles and the super soft hairs, while it’s also functional. The full collection has a brush for everything, some of my favorites are: JH03, a super soft foundation brush that gives flawless full coverage with no effort, JH06, perfect for light contouring and distributing powders, JH09 for precise highlighting, and the JH08 for intense coverage concealing.Morphe x Jaclyn Hill face brush collectionJaclyn is known for her killer eye looks and bomb blending skills, and the collection of eyeshadow brushes definitely has all the artist’s tools to do that! The full set is incredible, but I definitely think the face and eyeshadow collections have everything you need, so if you don’t want to buy the full kit, either or both of those are a great investment, and very well priced for the quality you’re getting.MR7A0368 - edited 1Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eye brush collectionWhat we didn’t like: Nothing, there’s definitely a brush for everything. I would love it if there was also a medium sized fluffy powder brush – basically a less densely packed version of the JH05 Perfect Contour Brush.

The verdict: I think this is a really amazing, great-quality brush collection! I’m not sure I need and want every brush, but if you were to buy the full collection, it works out at around $11 per brush, which is actually not bad! I will definitely be reaching for these when I do my makeup.

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