This Chardonnay Sunscreen Oil Just Took SPF Up A Level!


Chardonnay Sunscreen OilSource: Vacation

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Chardonnay Sunscreen comes along. That’s right — sunscreen made from Champagne (seeds). Vacation’s SPF 30 Chardonnay Oil,$22, is a lightweight sunscreen that’s disrupting the safe sun category with its cheeky yet high-performance SPF. And we’re not mad at the price, either!

Dubbed “The World’s Most Indulgent Sunscreen,” this lightweight, effervescent oil delivers an ample dose of enviable summer shine while drenching your skin with SPF 30 protection and loads of Jojoba and Shea Oil hydration at the same time.

Source: Vacation

Vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, Vacation’s sunscreen is made from lavish ‘super’ oils and just launched with a 1,500 person waitlist. We haven’t seen this much hype around Chardonnay since Chardonnay Go made moms everywhere go crazy competing with their kids during the Pokemon Go phase. Developed in conjunction with Miami sunscreen entrepreneurs Lach Hall and Dakota Green, alongside board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Hale, Vacation’s mission is to make sunscreen as fun as it should be and we are obviously here for this “leisure-enhancing” sunscreen brand that gives off boozy happy hour vibes but promotes safe sun protection at the same time. Brilliant.

The best part? Other than the fact that literally everyone will ask you about your SPF at the pool or beach, it doesn’t leave a white cast and smells like — you guessed it, Chardonnay. A “Grand Cru ‘86” scent to be exact, which was inspired by the charisma behind the coveted libation.

This SPF oil will not only give your skin a healthy glow-up sheen but support your skin’s barrier thanks to Marula and Passion Fruit Seed Oils. Vitamin E also helps heal parched, sun-exposed skin, and Bisabolol (derived from German Chamomile) minimizes irritation from the sun.

Even the retro packaging is made from recycled materials and the broad spectrum sunscreen adheres to the Hawaii and Florida Keys reef-friendly mandates so you won’t be harming any of the ocean’s aquatic life even when you go for a dip. Applying sunscreen has never been more appealing!

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