We Compared Two Hyped About Highlighter Palettes, This Is What We Think


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Drop a highlighter, drop ten – we’re here for them ALL! We just can’t help ourselves being a little bit obsessed with highlighters! And if there are two beauty brands that always slay highlighter, it’s Becca Cosmetics (their highlighters are kinda iconic) and Anastasia Beverley Hills, who always get the glow on point with their glow kits. So, when we spotted that both brands had launched two stunning highlighter palettes, both with similar shades, we couldn’t help but see how the two compared.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit, $45

What you get: Six ultra-reflective sparkling highlighters. From left to right: Wish, a bronzey shade with violet sparkle, Unicorn, a pink pearl with pink sparkles, Magic, an icy pearl base with rainbow sparkles, Ethereal, an icy lavender pearl with blue duochrome sparkles, Sunshine, gold pearls with purple sparkle, Regal, a rose-gold coral with rainbow shimmer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit

What we thought: If you’re heading to a festival or literally just want to sparkle like a mystical unicorn, this is your palette, it’s basically a fairy’s dream! The swatches are mesmerizing, but we found that with a brush the highlighters looked a little chunky on the skin, which emphasized pores. If pores aren’t a problem for you, this is definitely going to look magical.

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Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette, $46

What you get: Five creamy pressed highlighters. From left to right: Coral Crystal, a rose-gold coral, Citrine, a white yellow-gold, Aquamarine, an iridescent violet-blue shade, Pink Pyrite, an iridescent pink with subtle blue shift, Sunstone, a bronzy shimmer.

Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette

What we thought: The pressed pearl formula is very soft and creamy, but not too creamy that the color is too intense to blend. These picked up really nicely on a brush and applied a very pretty glow that lasted all day. We love that these didn’t emphasize skin texture, and for a more intense glow, they’re easily buildable. There’s a nice color harmony in the palette, so layering the colors looked really beautiful – because of the design, you can also just sweep your brush over all five shades for a customized glow.

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The comparison: Both palettes have pretty lavender, coral, pink and golden tones, but because the Dream Glow Kit is so intensely sparkly, they’re very different palettes.

The verdict: If you prefer a subtler highlight, the Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette is perfect for you – the shades are all different, and each gives a slightly different ethereal glow. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit (basically made for all the unicorns out there!) is very sparkly, so it’s not your usual highlighter – it’s not our fav Anastasia Glow Kit, but if you want to really sparkle, this is the highlighter palette for you! We found the Becca palette to be more wearable, and we love the unique, jewel case design.

Which one would you choose?