We Found A Chocolate Bar That Will Actually Make You More Beautiful


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If chocolate were a vegetable, we’d all be healthy AF! Literally, any excuse to eat chocolate and we’re there: our friend’s birthday, it’s the weekend, it’s Monday, we need energy, chocolate goes well with coffee, it’s on offer – there are loads of reasons to eat chocolate! But, what if you didn’t need to find an excuse to eat chocolate? Imagine if it was good for you, like if it had 6000 times the power of vitamin C, and the same health benefits you’d get from eating superfoods – you’d be pretty intrigued, right? Well, we discovered anti-aging chocolate called Esthechoc, and it might just be our chocolate superhero.

Esthechoc isn’t just any dark chocolate, it’s award-winning chocolate developed by the Cambridge Research Center in the UK, which is scientifically proven to enhance your skin. Esthechoc claims to boost antioxidant levels and increase circulation, preventing lines and promoting the youthful appearance of your skin.

It gets better, you’re meant to eat one bar a day (we’re already sold), and as each bar only has 38kcal, we’re not mad at all! The tiny, tasty chocolate bars – we have to hide them from certain HB HQ members – have the same health benefits of eating a 300g serving of wild Alaskan salmon (500kcal) and 100g of dark chocolate (600kcal). Dark chocolate has long been reputed for its health benefits; it’s rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, but Esthechoc is formulated with two unique ingredients that have been clinically proven to provide strong skin-plumping effects without the massive intake of calories. (*nibbles on a bar of Esthechoc).

esthechoc scientific anti-aging chocolate

How it works: Esthechoc is infused with a potent combination of two strong antioxidants, Epicatechins, which are found naturally in dark chocolate, and Astaxanthin, nature’s strongest antioxidant known to science, which is 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C, and 500 times more effective than vitamin E – we’re impressed! The chocolate is designed to fight against the damage that our skin gets on a daily basis: from environmental pollution, UV rays, capillary degeneration, and poor diet. Over time these stresses lead to a breakdown of collagen in your skin, a lack of elasticity and firmness, poor skin hydration, cellulite, and slow skin cell turnover.

What it does: Esthechoc is like a shield against the effects of environmental aging, supporting skin nutrition, maintaining healthy oxygen levels, detoxing, firming, and protecting your skin. One small bar a day can improve your skin in just three weeks by boosting skin microcirculation, improving oxygen transport in plasma, and a lot of other pretty genius science stuff that enhances the quality of your skin on a daily basis. After eight weeks, you can see a noticeable difference in crow’s feet, skin elasticity, and sebum balance on your cheeks.

Where to get it: You can order the chocolate online at primemarkme.com, a 30 day supply will cost you $70, just over $2 per daily bar of chocolate.

Of course, we have to put this chocolate to the test, as dedicated beauty lovers, it’s our duty to review the chocolate and see the results for ourselves. Stay tuned for an update; we’ll be trying out the chocolate over a period of a month to see if we notice any difference in our skin. Whether we see results or not, it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate every day. What do you think, would you be tempted to try this chocolate?