15 Epic Wedding Day Makeup Tips From Iconic MUA, Mario Dedivanovic

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When it comes to the ultimate wedding day makeup tips (that everyone will appreciate), there’s no MUA master that does bridal beauty like Mario Dedivanovic. He’s glammed countless brides (including Kim Kardashian) for their nuptials and now he’s sharing 15 of his best wedding day makeup tips for brides-to-be DIY’ing their own.

Follow his advice to achieve a flawless, pro-level look that’ll have everyone thinking you hired a major makeup artist – even if you did it yourself.

1. Get Your Light Right

This is a must! Your makeup should translate well whether you’re outdoors, indoors, on camera, etc., and applying your makeup in the right light will help with that.

2. Buy a Great Mirror

Preferably one that sits on a table. I recommend the Ilios All-in-One Ring Light and Makeup Mirror, $249, as it mimics natural daylight and will truly elevate your makeup application and look.

3. Go With What Feels Most Authentic

It’s probably not the best time to try something out of the ordinary, or too trendy, since you want your makeup and photos to always look timeless.

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4. Create a Space Just For Glam

Find ample space where you can lay out all your products so you’re not digging through your makeup bag trying to find what you’re looking for.

5. Practice Makes Flawless

Give yourself time to practice your look before your wedding day. This way you’ll have different opportunities to see what works and looks best.

6. Less Is More

I see so many brides that wouldn’t normally choose over-the-top glam do so on their big day. Don’t feel pressured to pile on too much makeup. Less is more – you should be wearing the makeup, the makeup shouldn’t be wearing you.

7. Opt For Individuals Over Lash Sets

I also see brides go overboard with their lashes. Try individuals for a more natural look or cut strips into 2-3 pieces so they look and feel more seamless. My faves are Ardell Individuals and I love Huda Beauty False Lashes for a more glam look.

8. Invest in a Quality Blending Brush and Sponge

My Makeup By Mario F1 Makeup Brush, $28, is a game-changer for applying and blending makeup – it hugs the curves of the face and evenly distributes and blends cream products onto the skin. I recommend a beautyblender ORIGINAL BEAUTYBLENDER Makeup Sponge, $20, as well. Use it damp and bounce it onto the skin to blend.

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9. Don’t Forget the Neck

This is very important for wedding makeup – always apply a tiny bit of foundation to the neck, ears, and chest if exposed.

10. Predict the Pics

Take plenty of selfies beforehand. Ask someone to take pictures of you with and without flash so you know exactly how it will look. Photos don’t lie!

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11. Spray & Set

Use a setting spray after applying powder to melt it into the skin seamlessly. After I use setting spray, I always speed up the drying process and lock in all the products by fanning the face. This ensures the makeup melts beautifully together. (Editor’s note: Try our Resting Boss Face Waterproof Setting Spray, $33!)

12. Powder, Powder, POWDER

I suggest using powder over your cream-based products. Cream bronzers, blushes, and highlighters melt nicely into the skin, but setting them with translucent powder or with powder bronzer, blush, etc. will really lock them in nicely and be long-wearing. Powder under your eyes, T-zone area, and anywhere else only when needed.

13. Waterproof or Nothing

Waterproof mascara is also a must.

14. Pre-Pack Your Touchup Essentials

A compact powder is perfect to bring along for when you start to break a sweat or get a little oily. First blot with a tissue, then follow with a little powder. Definitely bring along your lip combo, whether it’s a gloss and lip liner or just your lipstick. Also, blush to reapply since it tends to fade after a few hours. My Soft Pop Blush Sticks, $28, and Soft Pop Powder Blushes, $24, work beautifully together. Apply the stick first then set it with the powder blush so it lasts all night.

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15. Prep Your Lips For Staying Power

Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before your lip application. Lip products usually need to be reapplied – especially gloss – but applying a lip liner underneath your gloss will help extend the wear.

Lastly, stay hydrated and have fun!

Did you plan to do your own bridal makeup? Let us know in the comments below.

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