We Tried Lip Blush... The Secret To Sexy, Defined Lips!



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We’ve all heard of lip fillers, but have you heard about lip blush? A type of semi-permanent makeup that isn’t exactly new, but the technique definitely is! If you’ve always wanted more defined lips and a blushed tint that makes you look fresh and ready to face the day without even having to think about lipstick, then lip blush might be your new bestie. Especially because it means no amount of mask-wearing can smudge your look! So, after trying out how semi-permanent powder brows looked and being insanely in love with the results, we decided to give lip blush a go too!

Our fave local brow and semi-permanent makeup salon, Browz, hooked us up with certified master and trainer of permanent makeup, Tatjana Sevruk, so that we could be the guinea pigs, once again, to give you the full scoop on what lip blush is. We’ll admit, we were nervous to try it, but we’re super pleased with the outcome, and of course, we filmed the entire procedure for you. Here’s everything you need to know about lip blush, how long it lasts, and our verdict on whether it’s worth it!

What is lip blush?

Lip blush is a semi-permanent, contour-less makeup technique where the lips are filled in using soft, natural color.

“With lip blush, we can achieve a very natural result, which gives the lips the desired soft and plump look. It creates the ‘radiant morning makeup’ effect, and by applying just a bit of lip balm you are ready to conquer the world,” Tatjana tells us. She also points out that as the shape is already there when you apply lipstick, the “lip blush treatment makes the application so much easier as you already have a beautiful shape done.”


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What’s the difference between lip blush and permanent lip liner?

Tatjana tells us that “Permanent lip liner is just a contour which defines the shape of the lips. It was popular around three to five years ago in the semi-permanent makeup industry.” She also says that “Contrary to popular belief, lip contour visually makes the lips look smaller,” and that this technique has now been replaced by lip blush, which looks more natural.

What are the benefits of lip blush?

According to Tatjana, lip blush can help to achieve a more symmetrical shape and she also says that “there are plenty of pigment shades and colors you can choose from, which can be picked out individually for you to perfectly suit your facial features and skin tone.” Another benefit of this treatment is that it can help to boost collagen production in your lips as “this technique is the least traumatic one for the skin of those available and works as a peeling procedure with the addition of color.”

The Lip Blush Appointment

This is a semi-permanent treatment, so it’s important to get it right! Your consultation will begin with a full briefing on how the process works and then you’ll discuss the details of the procedure and choose a color that both you and your artist think will make a beautiful and natural everyday color. You can even bring your fave lipstick to help with this process.

After the color is chosen, your lip artist will draw the shape of the lips using a special pencil for lip design. Tatjana explains that “The shape is drawn using the rules of art, symmetry, geometry and individual features of the client.” Once you’re both happy with the shape it’s time for the fun to begin. And in case you were going to ask… no, they won’t overline your lips! Tatjana tells us that this is strictly forbidden because the skin on your lips is different and it would lead to inconsistent color and fading.

The next step is the application of the numbing cream, and then once the lips are sufficiently numb, the process begins. Your lip artist will start to distribute tiny pixels of color into the top layers of the skin using very specific gentle movements. This process is then repeated to build a few layers of pigment and ensure that the color looks as smooth as possible.

By the end of the procedure, your lips will swell significantly, but this swelling should disappear completely within 24 hours. The initial color is also much more vibrant, but this will fade over the next few days and months, so don’t panic if it looks too dark as the color will fade by around 40%.


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Lip Blush Aftercare:

After the procedure, your lips will feel dry and a little sore. Tatjana tells us to gently blot our lips with a wet cotton pad and let them air dry over the next 24 hours. By keeping the lips damp, it helps to prevent scabs from forming too early. After the initial 24 hours, apply plenty of lip balm to keep them hydrated. Tiny scabs will begin to form, but it’s really important that you do not pick these off and allow them to fall off naturally. The lips heal quickly, so this stage is over within two to four days and doesn’t look too noticeable. Be aware that at times it may look like the color is darker or uneven, but by the second and third week post-treatment, you’ll start to get a much clearer idea of how they’ll look.


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BTW… It’s worth noting that most of the pictures you see online and on Instagram (including the examples we’ve embedded in this post) will show the immediate result of lip blush, so the color that you see in the post-treatment image is a more intense version of the final result. This is also why the lips appear plumper in the second image, but this is down to swelling and the effect subsides within 24 hours.

Is lip blush painful?

The process isn’t too bad! The numbing cream means that for the most part, you don’t really feel much, just a light scratching that doesn’t hurt. However, there were some areas of our lips that were more sensitive than others, which definitely did feel a little painful, but it wasn’t unbearable! My lips were incredibly swollen by the end, much more than is usual, Tatjana told me.

How long does lip blush typically last?

Typically, the results should last between two to three years, but Tatjana also tells us that factors like your age, level of physical activity, metabolism, and sun exposure can affect how long the color lasts. At Browz, they recommend a touch-up procedure after 18 months but if you decide not to do a touch-up, it will begin to fade gradually without looking patchy.

Tatjana tell us that “many of my clients are happy and satisfied with the results after the first treatment. The only difference you will see after top-up is a more intense color.” So if you prefer the natural look, a top-up shouldn’t be necessary. However, should you want to achieve a full lipstick effect, Tatjana says it’s done by applying more layers of the pigment into the skin in a top-up appointment.

Our verdict: Is lip blush worth it?

Well, that depends on your maintenance level – if you’re someone who doesn’t typically have time or can’t really be bothered with re-applying lipstick then this is an easy solution for you. However, if you have tons of lipsticks and love to wear lipstick (like me), you might not feel that this is necessary, especially as lip blush typically costs anywhere between $400 to $600.

However, that said, even as someone who does love to wear lipstick a lot (playing with different colors is fun!), I really enjoyed looking in the mirror during quarantine with nothing on my face or lips and just feeling a little bit sexier because my lips looked pretty. And, although my result was pretty subtle and it looks really natural, I still get compliments on my lip color when I’m just wearing lip balm. Plus, if you don’t have clearly defined lips (my natural lip outline was a little blurred), this makes applying lipstick easier as the shape is already more clearly defined for you to follow.

Ultimately, lip blush is an instant confidence boost for when you’re makeup-free. Just add a swipe of your fave lip balm or gloss and you’re good to go.

Is it worth the price? That’s up to you! TBH, a good tinted balm can work just as much magic and save you some cash. We love the Glow Recipe Lip Pop Lip Balm, $22, that lightly tints lips with a universally flatering pink shade – our go-to balm prior to lip blushing.

How do you find a lip blush technician?

Lip blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup, which means many brow artists who do microblading or powder brows have also learned this technique. We recommend checking their social media for before and afters and reading reviews from clients. A quick Google search in your area should do the job, but remember, all semi-permanent makeup artists should have a reputable certificate, so you can also ask to see this. If you’re based in Dubai, we highly recommend checking out Browz, which is a best-in-class salon that has brilliant technicians for both semi-permanent lip and brow treatments.

Would you try lip blush? Let us know what you think of this treatment in the comments below!