Why Monodosing Might Be The Best Way To Apply Skincare!


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When it comes to beauty trends, skincare trends tend to be few and far between. However, this new trend could lead us into a totally new era of skincare… monodosing! Monodosing refers to using a skincare formula that’s packaged in a single-use capsule. It has multiple benefits, from no-wastage to zero preservatives and more potent formulas. Here’s everything you need to know, plus our fave monodosing skincare products.

The Benefits of Monodosing:

1. The Formula Is More Potent & Stays Fresh 

One of the main benefits of monodosing is it keeps your skincare products fresh and potent. When your skincare formula is in a jar, it’s exposed to oxygen and bacteria, which can hinder the formula and cause it to be less potent over time. Monodosing formulas are sealed in hermetic bags that prevent bacteria from infiltrating the capsule and onto your clean, cleansed face. There is also no need for filler ingredients like oils, water or silicones to bulk up the formula, so single doses typically deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients and therefore are more effective. It’s particularly beneficial to use single-shot retinol and vitamin C capsules as they contain molecules that are more unstable than other skincare ingredients.

2. There’s No Need For Preservatives

As the single-shot products are sealed, many of the formulas are 100% preservative-free, while others only contain a low percentage of preservatives. If you prefer to use preservative-free products, monodose formulas are your safest bet, particularly as many preservatives are used to make formulas safe and last longer.

3. You’ll Always Apply the Correct Amount of Formula

Instead of eyeballing how much formula to apply to your skin, monodosing allows you to apply the correct amount of product every single time. This will not only help you avoid wastage (of product and your money), but it can also help to prevent piling. If you’re thinking, ‘piling?’ It’s caused when you apply too much of a product and so it rubs off into tiny little balls as you attempt to massage it into your skin. This can also happen when layering formulas that are not compatible.

4. It Can Be More Eco-Friendly

While monodosing seems like it would require more packaging, according to monodosing brand Noble Panacea (listed below), it doesn’t have to! They estimate that a 50ml plastic bottle causes 15 times more pollution than 30 doses of their single-shot serum. This goes to show that when done right, it can be more eco-friendly.

Monodose Skincare Products:

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum, $107

1-Elizabeth-Arden-Retinol-Ceramide-Capsules-Line-Erasing-Night-SerumSource: Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden was one of the first skincare brands to experiment with monodosing with their Retinol Ceramide Capsules. The formula packs a serious punch, in fact, the retinol inside the capsules is 76% more potent than unencapsulated retinol. The formula helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and brighten the skin more effectively than your average retinol serum.

Beauty Pie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum, $65

2-Beauty-Pie-Superactive-Capsules-Double-VitaminC-&-VitaminE-SerumSource: Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie combines the skincare powers of vitamin C and vitamin E inside a single-shot capsule. The formula will not only help firm, smooth, and brighten but it’ll help to minimize fine lines and even out skin tone, all the while nourishing and hydrating your skin.

ZitSticka KILLA Kit 8 Pack, $29

3-ZitSticka-KILLA-Kit-8-PackSource: ZITSTICKA

If you need to take down a pimple stat, use the ZitStick Killa Kit. The single-use patch is powered by their signature micro dart technology that will help reduce redness, inflammation, and control the breakout. It also comes with a cleansing patch soaked in exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid that’ll combat and calm your pimple. Slap one onto one of those deep-in-the-skin pimples at bedtime, and by the time you wake up the bump will have reduced considerably.

Wo Power TonIQ™ Instant Radiance Boosting Essence, $20

4-Wo-Power-TonIQ-Instant-Radiance-Boosting-EssenceSource: Wo

If you suffer from dull skin or uneven tone, this essence is here to help. Formulated with skin brightening actives like Chinese cabbage plant peptide and alpha arbutin, it’ll help hydrate and strengthen the skin’s epidermis while brightening the skin for a natural, radiant glow.

Noble Panacea The Brilliant Prime Radiance Serum, $253

5-Noble-Panacea-The-Brilliant-Prime-Radiance-SerumSource: Noble Panacea

This potent lightweight serum stashed in single-dose packaging contains a potent mix of bakuchiol; a natural alternative to retinol, as well as glow-getting exfoliant glycolic acid. The result? It’ll tackle dead skin and reveal more radiant, even skin in its place.

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