Why Bawse Nathalie Krux Is Our #WomanBoss

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NATHALIE KRUX women boss

Say hey to ultimate #WomenBoss @Nataliebbyy! Nathalie is the epitome of a badass babe that came to slay. Not only does she create THE most popping highlighter we have ever seen, but she knows that self-love and embracing your unique self is the most blinding way to shine. Here’s why Nathalie is a major #womanboss:

Who’s your icon?
My biggest Icon happens to be Huda, of course! Her life is so inspiring, and she is just incredible to me! She’s such a businesswoman, yet she responds to all her followers and shows love everywhere she can. I always wanna be like her, no matter how many followers I have.

Your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is being confident and happy in my body. I do have a lot of days where I don‘t feel myself at all and have to remember how beautiful I am! And I want to show all girls and women around the world that self-love is the most important thing to achieve happiness!

What keeps you motivated?
All my sweet followers and their constant support! They feel like family to me and when I don‘t feel well sometimes they always make me smile and give me confidence!

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What would you be doing if you weren’t where you are now?
You might not know, but I work as a nurse as well as creating content for Instagram, and I would do the exact same thing! I’ve always wanted to become a doctor and travel to countries with bad medical care and help to improve that!

What’s the weirdest place you found inspiration?
The weirdest place I find inspiration is in my hate comments! Some people comment such unbelievable things and make up crazy stories in their heads, and I always be like: “oh I should do that!” That’s also how Huda discovered me, everyone was like, “oh she has a monobrow, and that’s so ugly”, so I thought let’s record a video where I actually draw a monobrow on my face!

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What advice would you give to aspiring MUAs?
KEEP GOING! It took me many years to build my following and to know where I want to go with it and with my hobby! I would always give the advice to keep going because hard work always pays off! You can achieve all your dreams! Don‘t rely on other people! Do whatever you want to do and never listen to other people!

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