Why I’ve Started Spraying My Hair With Champagne…


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It’s a good thing hair can’t have a hangover because we’ve just discovered the answer to perfectly imperfect beachy waves… Champagne! Not being a drinker, I can’t say I’ve had the chance to experience a Champagne shower, but the founder of the Cuvée Beauty Champagne Spray did, and that’s exactly how she discovered this miracle hair-holding ingredient. Finding that after a soaking of Champagne on her 21st birthday left her with effortlessly cool waves, she decided to recreate the moment with a champagne-infused haircare line. When Cult Beauty told me it was one of their bestselling new haircare products, I had to try it out…

What it is: A lightweight texturizing and holding spray infused with the Cuvée Complex – a mix of Champagne extract, botanicals, truffles, ceramides, and plant proteins. It can be used on damp or dry hair to add definition and a soft hold.


What it does: Move over salt spray; champagne is here to define waves, add hold and impart impressive texture to your hair. The spray not only makes all your styling dreams come true, it’s also a tonic for your hair too. Rich in antioxidants that add serious gloss, platinum extracts to deep clean your hair, and ceramides to add depth and volume, your hair will feel as good as it looks.

What we liked: I loved this, it’s different from a sea salt spray, and I actually like it more. I feel like a salt spray can make your hair feel a little rigid, whereas this made my hair feel really soft, and it had this amazing texture and natural movement – like my hair was bouncy! My hair felt really light, almost product free, while it was still super voluminous and workable. Personally, I like to apply texturizing spray on wet hair so that when I’m styling, it looks smooth and it has hold. I also tried it on dry hair, and it worked really well (it didn’t clump up on the hair like salt spray can) – it’s a pretty genius product!

What we didn’t like: I can’t say I was a huge fan of the scent – I felt like I could really smell the Champagne, and as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I didn’t particularly like it (it also has truffle extract in it, so that could have something to do with the fragrance). If you do drink alcohol, then you might not mind it that much, but if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this could be a little annoying. That said, I only noticed it on application, and the smell didn’t linger. I kind of wish it was non-alcoholic, but obviously, Champagne is the secret ingredient, and it definitely works.

Price: $45

Available: CultBeauty.co.uk (P.S. Cult Beauty offer free international shipping on your first order if you sign up to their newsletter – yay!)