Why Unicorn Beauty Is THE Hottest Trend This Year

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Unicorn makeup
It’s 2017, and the unicorn’s been killin’ it since 2016! Soon there won’t be a brand that doesn’t have a unicorn beauty product because frankly, we’re all OBSESSED! But of course we are, what’s not to love about glitter, pretty pastel colors, holographic makeup, and rainbows? There’s literally nothing that hasn’t been unicornified: whether you want unicorn essence, (Farsali’s pink, glittery antioxidant essence, which looks and smells pretty damn magical), unicorn tears, (Too Faced’s holographic cream lipstick), unicorn horns (makeup brushes by almost everyone), or unicorn lashes (that’s actually a brand!), you can find it. BTW you can even get unicorn snot, AKA glitter gel – duh!

It’s almost as if we actually believe, that by some magical unicorn power, that maybe, just maybe there is some unicorn ingredient in these products somewhere – we can keep secretly hoping!

But seriously, why is everyone going mad for unicorns? Other than they’re magical AF! Today, Instagram is the social media phenomenon everyone is infatuated with – it’s a visual platform that has proved to be a marketing hotspot for brands. This goes hand in hand with the unicorn trend; as the platform dominates, brands are having to keep up with striking imagery that will grab you mid-scroll… and unicorn makeup does that! It’s pretty, it’s sparkly, it’s bright, different, and majestic! After all, gold-horned makeup brushes are far more likely to warrant a double tap than your standard set of black makeup brushes. And as shoppers, we’ve always been obsessed with packaging, it’s almost as sacred as the product itself – so when you see a bomb sparkling, unicorn package, you’re hooked!

And it’s a bit different too: natural glowing skin is all good and fun for the daytime, but for the weekends, who doesn’t want to strobe their face and let loose with a rainbow highlighter or holographic lip strobe? So, right about now, we’re guessing the urge to unicornify has overcome you – well we’ve got your shimmery back! Make an easy DIY unicorn glow and add glitter to your favorite body oil, moisturizer, or even suncream (a little goes a long way)! On that note, we CAN NOT wait to try Frank Body’s Shimmer Scrub, stay tuned for the review!