Why We Chose Badass Shalom Blac As This Week's #WomanBoss


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Meet Shalom Nchom aka Shalom Blac, this week’s ultimate #WomanBoss. Makeup YouTuber Shalom is encouraging women to embrace their unique beauty while teaching women how to feel more confident with and without makeup. When Shalom was burnt by hot oil in a kitchen accident at the age of nine, she was left with severe burns. Now 21, Shalom has made it her mission to help others feel better and more confident in themselves with positive messages to help others accept every unique scar and mark. Her makeup tutorials are not only impressive but empowering too. Here’s why she’s this week’s #WomanBoss:

What’s your most inspiring/ empowering quote?
My favorite inspiring quote is “Be your own kind of beautiful” by Marilyn Monroe.

What keeps you motivated?
Remembering the struggles that my mother endure keeps me motivated to make life not only better for myself but for her too. She always tried to make me feel beautiful and comfortable with myself around the house because I usually cover myself 24/7, so eventually, I started wearing less and less inside the home. I know it makes her feel better to know I’m fearless and expressive about my scars. I knew my life had a purpose when I started receiving messages saying I inspired them to be bold, courageous, and most important, themselves.

Who’s your icon?
My current icon is Beyonce! Yes Queen ‘B’ because the woman just works so damn much, and she always strives to do better than she did previously.

Your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge was having to go to school every day knowing that someone would bully and call me all sorts of names. I overcame this by always telling myself “I’m not what they say I am” I am who I define myself to be. I use to just stand by the mirror without makeup and just tell myself  “I’m beautiful, why can’t they see it.” I eventually started noticing my beauty.

Something you’ve never told anyone before?
Now, why would I tell you something I’ve never said to my BFF? But if I must, then I secretly want to be an actress!

What would you be doing if you weren’t where you are now?
I would probably be in college studying a major that I have zero interest in.

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Where do you usually get inspiration from?
I get most of my inspiration from Instagram, movies and my dreams.

Is there anything that keeps you up at night?
Yes! Scary stories from Reddit but I can’t stop reading them.

What advice would you give to aspiring MUAs?
My advice to aspiring MUAs is to keep practicing your craft even if you don’t receive support from your loved ones. Be as creative as possible and make sure to use lots of hashtags on Instagram.