Why We Chose Faiza Rammuny, AKA ExpiredNFabulous as our #WomanBoss

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Meet our #WomanBossWedsnesday @ExpiredNFabulous! Not only is Faiza Rammuny funny AF, her Instagram channel guarantees you’ll be binge-watching her videos and loling for at least 30 minutes, but Faiza is also a huge inspiration! Going against family and cultural expectations, Faiza came through to share her struggles, make us laugh, and be an agony aunt to all of us – seriously, message her with your relationship issues, and she will be there! Her main message is self-love, and we couldn’t agree with her more. Here’s why we love her:

What’s your most inspiring/ empowering quote?
I often say, “Feel to Heal,” because I feel that it’s very important to FEEL through all of the emotions that life throws at you: the good, the bad, and the really really ugly. Don’t put a bandaid over a bullet hole in your heart. You’re hurting, hurt. You’re sad, be sad. You’re angry, be angry. I firmly believe that our emotions and ability to feel them is what makes women so powerful.

Who’s your icon?
Princess Diana. I think she showed women that sometimes you have to go against the grain to find your happiness and make real change in this world.

Where do you usually get inspiration from?
My past i.e. upbringing, family, dating, heartbreak, and embarrassing circumstances I have found and still find myself in. I get SO much inspiration at night when I’m replaying my day, week, or revisiting the past in my head. I sleep with a notepad and a pen on my nightstand.

What’s the weirdest place you found inspiration?

Parking space 360 at the Metra Train Station near my house. After my almost three-year relationship ended, I went there to cry, escape, heal, and write content. I never thought I would be inspired by a damn parking space, but there you have it.

As a woman boss, we would love to know how you’ve made it so far?
I found my purpose. Then I went all in with hard work, dedi-fucken-cation, and sacrifice. I quit a great job, struggled financially, went against family expectations and culture to be doing what I do today. I made it far because I was willing to lose it all, if only to say I tried.

What drives you?
My penguins (followers) I hate calling them followers, it sounds so Manson family. They drive me forward every single day. Sharing their stories, their lives, and their vulnerabilities with me is SO inspiring and drives me every day to give many a voice that they don’t have.

Any tips you can give to others?
Be YOU! Don’t let society, family, culture, or anyone tell you who that’s supposed to be. Find out for yourself. Make your own rules. Understand that mistakes mold you. I never thought that I could be accepted for ME because I was raised in a rigid culture that constantly pointed out my “faults.” Today almost three hundred thousand people around the world see those “faults,” and love them about as much as I do.

Tell us who you think should be our next #WomanBoss in the comments below. Xo