Will The New Makeup Forever Brow Collection Give You Instagram Brows?


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Brows are a crucial defining facial feature, so getting them spot on is VERY important – especially so you can keep up with all the perfectly groomed Insta brows! For me, brows are the first thing I do, and perfecting them is essential – truth be told, I even use a caliper sometimes to ensure they’re symmetrical. So obviously, I’m willing to try any new brow product that will make the job easier and better. I already think Makeup Forever do a great job with brows, and I love most of their brow products. They recently sent their Brow Pencil and unique new Brow Liner – yep, a liner for your brows – so I had to check them out.

What it is: The Brow Pencil is your typical pencil designed to define, shape and shade brows. With Makeup Forever’s Brow Liner, think liquid eyeliner for your brows, and that’s what you get. It has a precision tip designed to give immediate color payoff with accurate application. Each product comes in five shades, from Light Blonde to Brown Black.

What it does: Designed to create precise but easily blendable strokes, the Brow Pencil has a precision tip for sharpening tails and arches, and a thicker side that can be used to blur and naturally fill brows. It also uses a unique wax pigmentation that holds brows for a longer-lasting look. The Brow Liner boasts a seriously pigmented, smudge-proof liquid formula with a unique felt-tip-like applicator that is particularly convenient for bold brow lovers.

What we liked: The Brow Liner is ahhhhmazing, it’s probably one of the best brow products I’ve used – it might even replace my Benefit ka-Brow. It sets to stay, it’s easy to use, and the color range has something for everyone. If you want to achieve light feathery brows, you’ll need to be very light-handed to create strokes that mimic hairs (like a microbladed brow), as it takes some practice to get a very fine line (this might not be the best product for someone with sparse brows). My eyebrows are naturally dark and quite full, and as I prefer a more dramatic brow, this worked perfectly for filling in and defining. It’s super pigmented, so comb through your brows afterward, which will help diffuse the product for a more subtle look.

What we didn’t like: I found the pencil very hard to use: it was dry and waxy and didn’t apply easily – in fact, it was actually pulling out brow hairs as I was trying to apply it. I also think in this day and age, when people are so particular about shaping and using fine lines to craft a natural-looking brow, that a traditional pencil isn’t the best tool. Even if you’re just trying to get a really tidy shape, using a pencil that will become dull and thicker really isn’t ideal. I want something that will give me good definition without the hassle.

Price: Makeup Forever Brow Liner – $23

Makeup Forever Brow Pencil – $27

Available: Sephora.com