This Product Will Dry Your Acne Overnight


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One thing we find harder than balancing our winged liner is undoubtedly covering our pimples – you know, the big swollen kind. No matter how much concealer we use, they still seem visible from outer space! And isn’t it always when you have something important that they decide to pop up? Well, fortunately, we have found our holy-grail of pimple-zapping treatments, and honestly, it’s like magic in a bottle. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion does exactly what we need it to, it takes the anger out of our pimples, drying them up and eliminating the bump – literally overnight.

We’re not exaggerating! This cult blemish product has been a staple on our shelves for years, and half of the A-list’s too – the product sold out when Kylie Jenner shared it on her Snapchat last year.

mario badescu drying lotion

Source: Mario Badescu

How it works: The solution contains two awesome acne-soothing ingredients: calamine lotion, which helps to minimize redness and swelling, and salicylic acid that penetrates deep into pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, and balancing sebum production. It also contains sulfur and zinc oxide, which further help to draw out impurities. This is basically the bomb for soothing pimples while you sleep; we find that it works best on whiteheads, and 90% of the time, they’ll be gone by the morning. Because cystic acne is more severe, with a whole gland that is swollen with excess sebum that infects the skin surrounding it, it is trickier to treat with topical products – so you would more likely notice the difference after two to three nights.

How to use: The formula is super easy to use, but beware, DO NOT SHAKE – the solution is meant to be separated, with the good stuff settling at the bottom of the bottle. To use, you simply need to dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment at the bottom, and dab it on to any whiteheads or red bumps. Do this after you’ve cleansed, toned, and moisturized – and don’t worry it won’t ruin your bed sheets, once it’s on, it dries up and stays there. This usually takes down our spots in one night, but for a bigger blemish, after two nights, practically all swelling will have gone. If we’re really desperate during the day, we might add a drop onto a spot and rub the product in a little so it’s not noticeable before we apply foundation on top. Once the whitehead has gone, don’t continue to use the product on the same area, as it could cause dry skin.

We cannot tell you how much we LOVE this Drying Lotion ($17). It’s certainly not a permanent solution for treating pimples but if you’re acne-prone and want to get rid of a whitehead fast, this blemish-drying treatment will be your BFF! Check out our top tips for treating acne from celeb dermatologist Dr. Doris Day here.

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