Celeb Hairstylists Share Their Curl Tips & Fave Products For Winter

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If you’ve been #blessed with curly hair, you’ll know that caring for your curls can be a full-time job, especially during the winter months. As much as we love snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa, we’re not going to deny that the cold (or should we say arctic) winter air paired with increased heating can dehydrate and wreak havoc on your hair.

So, to keep your curls looking their best even in the driest, most frigid temps, we polled a few pros on their tried-and-true tips, product suggestions, and style solutions to get you through this SZN with your healthiest hair EVER. Thank us later…

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Best Tips for Managing Curly Hair in the Winter

Winter Curl Tip #1: Wash Your Hair Less

According to Pierre Michel Salon‘s director Jerome Lordet, different curl types react differently to winter weather, but the tighter the curls, the less you should wash your hair to retain moisture. “If your hair is dry, you might want to wash your hair every other day to keep it from getting too dry and always use conditioner on curly hair – especially if you have fine curly hair,” he says. 

Winter Curl Tip #2: Trim Off Split Ends

“I always recommend my curly clients to go a little shorter in the winter,” explains Frédérique Carme, hairstylist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. “Winter is the perfect time to get rid of split ends.”

Winter Curl Tip #3: Wash & Brush your Curls with Care

Carme also reminds us to be more careful with our hair washing and brushing habits, “Don’t brush or comb your hair after the shower – only in the shower, then use a microfiber towel to avoid frizz.” Lordet also recommends using a wide-tooth comb on wet hair during or after conditioning to avoid breakage. 

Winter Curl Tip #3: Avoid Dehydrating Fabrics

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“Wool hats and cotton will pull moisture out of the hair , so be mindful with what you are putting on your head,” advises Matrix‘s Global Artistic Director, Michelle OConnor. “Turn toward silk and satin to protect your hair and retain moisture. Lastly, consider swapping your regular pillowcase for a silk case this winter. “They keep the moisture in and the frizz at a minimum,” says celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen, whose regular client list includes Jodie Turner-Smith and Zendaya. 

Winter Curl Tip #4: Hydrate your Locks  

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When we heard RiRi’s hairstylist, Kendall Dorsey, relies on a $30 Amazon product to inject more liiiiiife into her curls, we had to know everything! And it turns out the product in question is Colow Wow’s Curl Wow FLO-ETRY Vital Natural Serum, $30, which Dorsey describes as an “essential curl care ritual.”   

According to Dorsey, “Curly hair’s bends and twists prevent the scalp’s natural oils from flowing down hair strands. And without this oil, curls become dehydrated, frizzy, dull, and brittle.” But don’t stress, as he obviously found THE solution… “This serum is loaded with jojoba, pequi, and coconut oils + Profaxil 18 Complex to deliver the rich moisture curly strands typically lack. Instantly, curls are hydrated and healthier-looking…de-frizzed and glossy, from length to ends.”  

Winter Curl Tip #5: Consider a Silk Press 

“It’s SILK PRESS SEASON, which is the best time for curly girls to get a great blowout and trim,” says Stephen. “These should always be done by a professional.”  

The Best Tools to Style Curly Hair in the Winter 

6-Dyson-Supersonic-Hair-Dryer-&-Universal-DiffuserSource: Dyson and Ouidad

Dorsey says, “I personally love the Gama Professional IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer, $450 (which has a deep diffuser to protect curly hair from frizz), the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, $430, with the diffuser attachment, and a good tension paddle brush,” Stephen is also a fan of diffusers for curls and coils during colder months. “A diffuser will help to lock moisture in and dry the hair quickly without disrupting the curls,” she notes. Try Ouidad’s Made For Curls 3-in-1 Universal Diffuser, $49.  

The Best Products to Use on Curly Hair in the Winter 

1-Living-proof-Frizz-Mask-&-Healthy-Hair-PerfectorSource: Living Proof

Winter is the prime time to amp up your moisturizing treatments, according to Stephen. “Living Proof’s No Frizz Intense Moisture Hair Mask, $42, is great for this since it will intensely condition and smooth the hair.” She also says to incorporate a leave-in conditioner, like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Healthy Hair Perfector, $30. “This will help to seal the cuticle and keep frizz to a minimum.”

2-Ouai-Curl-Crème-Rene-Furterer5-SENS-Dry-OilSource: OUAI and Rene Furterer

As for oils and curl creams, Carme LOVES the Christophe Robin Luscious Curl Cream with Flaxseed Oil, $15, Oribe Curl Gelée for Shine & Definition, $44, OUAI Curl Cream with North Bondi Fragrance, $32, and Rene Furterer 5 SENS Enhancing Dry Oil, $50. 

3-Matrix-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Mask-&-Lightweight-OilSource: Matrix

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask, $21, is a go-to of mine for restoring hydration and keeping your curl pattern,” suggests O’Connor. She also likes Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream Lightweight Oil, $24, to give shine and help keep curls free of tangles. 

4-Curl-Wow-Coco-Conditioner-&-Natural-SerumSource: Color Wow

“I highly recommend Color Wow Curl Wow’s System for all seasons,” raves Dorsey. His #1 tip: Apply Color Wow’s Curl Wow COCO-MOTION Lubricating Conditioner, $29, heavily throughout the hair, and leave it on  for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Then add a few pumps of Color Wow’s Curl Wow FLO-ETRY Vital Natural Serum, $30, for maximum hydration. 

5-Volu-by-Davines-&-Hydrohair-curl Source: Davines and HydroHair

“For fine hair, you may want to use a volumizing product like Davines VOLU Hair Mist, $38, to give more texture to the curl,” says Lordet. “A product like HydroHair Hydrocurl Aloe Styling Cream, $32, will also enhance curls while combating frizz, but always be gentle with your curls – a wrong move, and they will get frizzy quickly.” 

@savdanyell The LCO method…do you use it?A moisturising technique that involves layering products in this order (sometimes LOC) for maximum moisture retention #naturalhair #highporosityhair #lcomethod #locmethod #naturalhairtips#braids #braidout #protectivestyles ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Carme finally recommends a quick DIY, “The LOC/LCO method – liquid (water), oil, and curl cream is a great way to revive curls,” explains Carme, who recommends keeping a spray bottle filled with water on hand to restyle dull curls.  

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