Winter Makeup Trends That Radiate Snow Queen Energy


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If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s BeautyTok delivering new makeup trends. Seriously, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and right now, it’s giving cute winter makeup looks we know you’ll love. Oh, and of course, they tick all the boxes – they’re (relatively) easy to achieve, ultra-flattering, and are basically a slam dunk for an adorable winter selfie. Thank us when the double-taps start rolling in.

1. “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend

@zoekimkenealy #greenscreen I think this is my favorite TikTok I’ve ever made even tho I felt so basic going outside and taking selfies with my Starbucks it was also the highlight of my day hehe it’s Makeup for serotonin feels and hallmark movie time! It’s the im cold it’s winter and the holidays and fall makeup look tutorial. #wintermakeup #fallmakeuplook #coldmakeup #maccosmetics #benefitcosmetics #makeupforever #wintermakeuplook ♬ august – Taylor Swift

If you’re a blush lover like most BeautyTok STANS, you’ll get all gooey-eyed over this new trend. Labeled by the BeautyTok hotties as “I’m cold” makeup, it utilizes perfectly placed blush and frosty winter shimmer shadows to recreate that fresh-faced lewk that happens when you step out into the cold on an icy winter day. Team this with some winter accessories, whether it’s mittens or earmuffs, and voila, you have the “I’m cold” TikTok trend.

@kamgregory AHHH i think i love this❄️ do we like?? #wintermakeup #makeuptransformation #imcoldmakeup #makeuptutorial ♬ December – Onika

The hype: The I’m cold look has already got the attention of some major BeautyTok influencers, which explains why the hashtag has over 15 million views, and we expect that number to grow… FAST!

@ysumaya I’m not built for the winter but at least my makeup looks cute ❄️ my take on the “I’m cold” makeup trend that I LOVE ib: @zoekimkenealy #wintermakeuplook #makeuptutorial #imcoldmakeup ♬ original sound – ci

How to get the look: Okay, so as we mentioned, the main component of this trend is blush. Look for a cool-toned blush to get that icy, cold energy. For this look, stay away from cream or dewy formulas as you want to keep it matte – no one’s sweaty in the cold, after all. Our top pick? Our Eyes, Makeup, TikTok

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