How This Woman Claimed #FauxFilter Changed Her Life


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I was so touched when I saw a feature about the absolutely gorgeous blogger, @abbiebull_in The Sun this week. I love that makeup is such a powerful tool and can give you confidence and make you feel powerful – whether that’s a lipstick or a foundation! True story, I actually suffered from adult acne, and it made me feel super insecure. Sometimes I felt like I just didn’t want anyone to see me because people would literally stare and it made me feel so bad!

I was really SHOOK by this beauty, and I love how she’s shown how beautiful she is before and after, and it makes me so happy to see that our #FauxFilter foundation is being used to share the message about #skinpositivity. Everyone is beautiful with and without makeup, but sometimes people can be harsh when we try to be ourselves! I wish I would have seen this beauty when I was going through my acne stage – she is so brave, beautiful, and inspiring.

You can read the feature on The Sun here.