Brighten, Smooth & Glow With Our NEW Yo Glow Honey Flower

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Yo Glow™ Honey Flower

Hey my loves! You guys know how much I love our WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. Honestly, I use it every single day to prep before makeup. I’m so obsessed with how the formula keeps my skin bright and smooth (and I know so many of you are, too), so we’ve been creating some fun limited-edition versions for you guys to try. We gave you our Candy Cane edition for the Holidays, and a Tropical Fruits edition for all the summer feels. Now we’re bringing you WISHFUL Yo Glow Honey Flower, featuring a new delicious scent of soft, sweet honey flower, all wrapped up in special-edition packaging!

Yo Glow™ Honey Flower

Just like the OG formula, Yo Glow Honey Flower is suitable for all skin types; the hybrid formula gently provides an enzyme, acid, and physical exfoliation to deliver all the benefits with no downtime (no irritation and no redness). It’s perfect for gently buffing away dead skin cells and creating a perfectly smooth canvas for makeup.

The mini 40ml size bottle is also the ideal travel-sized companion to keep in your beauty bag when you’re on the go or if you’re traveling.

The Ingredients

Yo Glow™ Honey Flower

Papaya Fruit Extract: Known to smooth and increase skin clarity to leave a radiant glow.
Pineapple Fruit Extract: Helps to gently exfoliate, reduce dark spots and soothe skin.
BHA & AHAs: Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids help exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce dark spots, and even skin texture and complexion.
Cellulose: A soft, gentle exfoliant that evens skin texture and complexion.

Prepare to feel insanely soft and smooth skin that’s instantly more glowing and brighter-looking. You’ll also notice more even skin tone over time.

Yo Glow™ Honey Flower

How To Use:

  • Apply a generous amount on clean, dry skin.
  • Gently massage in a circular motion to roll and sweep away impurities.
  • Rinse well with warm water.
  • Suitable for daily use.

Our Yo Glow Honey Flower Enzyme Scrub, $21, is available to shop online now and with our other retailers.