Your Fave OG #FauxFilter Is NOW Better Than Ever (You Asked, We Delivered!)


#FauxFilter Luminous Matte

I CANNOT believe it’s been more than three years since we launched our first ever complexion product, our #FauxFilter Matte Foundation! I wanted to create the ultimate full-coverage foundation that made me feel more confident and my heart exploded every time I read your reviews and comments about how transformational you found it and how great it made you all feel. It was exactly what I dreamed it would be!

However, as always, we’re listening to your feedback and reading your comments, and we heard what you guys were saying. And because we want it to be a formula that everyone loves and can enjoy using, we knew we had to make the changes you wanted to see and modernize the full coverage formula.

fauxfilter luminous matte foundation

So, let me introduce you guys to the new and improved formula that you asked for… meet #FauxFilter Luminous Matte! Our new formula has everything you loved about the OG cult formula – full coverage, long-wear, and a filtered finish – but it’s now completely fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. And as makeup trends have changed, our new goal is always-gorgeous-glowing skin, so we’ve refreshed our flawless matte finish with a subtle luminosity for a natural skin finish. We also improved the texture, so you get a smoother application experience while the formula is designed to hug the skin, still allowing movement so it not only looks great but feels great too – and it won’t settle into fine lines!

The New and Improved Formula

fauxfilter luminous matte foundation

Honestly, I loved our OG formula so much, but I am unbelievably happy – and totally obsessed – with this new and improved #FauxFilter formula. It gives the same insane full coverage, but the added 24-hour flexible-wear makes it SO comfortable, and it stays looking flawless all day long as it adjusts to your skin’s natural movements.

You know when you get home after a night out, and your makeup still looks so good you don’t want to take it off? …Well, be prepared for that and the ensuing late-night selfie sesh that follows, because seriously, this formula stays looking so fresh and gorgeous!

fauxfilter luminous matte foundationAnother big one for many of you was the fragrance, and although I really enjoyed our original scent, so many of you prefer fragrance-free, so we wanted to make this a product you would also enjoy using. The truth is, making a fragrance-free product can be such a challenge, simply because makeup ingredients have a base smell, so fragrance is usually added to mask that scent. But we managed to do it, and I really hope this change means that many of you who weren’t keen on the fragrance before will fall in love with this new formula.

Making this new and improved formula non-comedogenic was also really important, so we removed an ingredient that didn’t work for some people to ensure everyone can use it in complete confidence. That also means that it is suitable for ALL skin types.

fauxfilter luminous matte foundation

Finally, the wear on this new formula is so insane – it’s literally everything proof! No matter how much you smile (and I smile a lot), it won’t settle into fine lines, and it’s proven to be life-proof, AKA transfer-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof, mask-proof, sweat-proof, and humidity proof – we got you, boo!

The Inspiration

Honestly, this was all inspired by you guys. We saw the thousands of comments you shared over the years – the things you didn’t like, what you loved, and what you wanted – and we just wanted to make the formula work harder. A concept that is so important to my team and me is Kaizen, which is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement, and this is just one of the reasons I knew we had to reformulate this amazing product for you all.

Meet our 39 #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation Shades


Another thing we updated with our new formula is the shade range. When we launched our OG foundation a few years ago, it was our first ever complexion product. We’ve since dived even deeper into complexion to expand our undertone offering and shade families. So, our new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation has new and improved undertones in 39 beautiful shades, and we’ve made it even easier to find your shade by reworking our shade families from five to eight easy-to-navigate shade families. From fair shades like Cashew and Angel Food to medium shades Cheesecake and Latte, right through to rich tones of Nutmeg and Ganache, we’ve got all of you covered. Literally.


If you’re already a #FauxFilter Foundation fan, be sure to check out our shade matching guide as we’ve made changes to some of the shades to ensure there’s a perfect match for everyone. This means that your original #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation shade may have changed.

If you have tried our new #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick, then your new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Foundation Shade should be the same. Please note that when comparing our new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Foundation with the #FauxFilter Stick Foundation, the liquid takes time to develop to its ‘true shade,’ so please allow time for this. As the stick is anhydrous, the swatched shade is the true shade, which also shows to be brighter than the liquid foundation, which has more of a powdery, matte finish.

You can see all 39 shades, plus find out what your new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation will be here.

Tips for Using our #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation

Literally, one to two pumps of foundation is all you need. Apply the foundation evenly all over your face with a dense brush or damp beauty sponge and blend out for a flawless, filtered finish. I love to use our dual-ended Face | Build & Buff Foundation Brush as it gives great coverage and makes application so quick and easy.

My Tips:

For flawlessly hydrated skin: If your skin needs prep but don’t have the time, our Huda Beauty Water Jelly Primer will simultaneously hydrate and smooth your skin to ensure flawless wear that feels amazing all day long. I literally cannot live without this primer!

For no-makeup vibes: Next time you’re in a rush, finish your foundation with a quick mist of Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist so you can set it and forget it for the rest of the day and go about your glow.

For a major glow: Layer on top of our N.Y.M.P.H. Liquid Highlighter by applying your chosen shade of N.Y.M.P.H. all over your face, followed by #FauxFilter Luminous Matte.

Our #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Full Coverage Foundation, $40 USD (£32, €40, 195 AED), will be available to shop online at and with our other online retailers on January 25th. Join the waitlist to be the first to get your hands on our new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation.

Did you guys try the original and wanted a new version that was all of the above? Let us know in the comments below!