Your Skin Is Thirsty For This $9 French Beauty Essential


avene thermal spring water facial mist If we could bathe in it, we would! There’s not a girl in France who isn’t using this incredibly simple product in their beauty routine. We’ve got the proof too… Three bottles are sold every second in France. And why do we want it so badly? It’s brilliance in a bottle, inexpensive, and let’s be honest, when it comes to beauty, French hunnies really know their stuff – they actually spend twice as much as their English neighbors do on skincare. The awesome phenomenon? Avène Thermal Water Spray. It’s basically magical water that will solve a ton of your beauty concerns!

Spritz it on before makeup, after cleansing or showering, after an intense yoga or gym workout, while you travel, and even on sunburn or wounds. OR you know, because summer is coming and spraying a cold mist on your face is refreshing as hell – and BTW it won’t mess with your makeup either, you can even use it to help set your cake face and give it a luminous look. It’s the perfect way to keep your skin fresh and hydrated, while it soothes redness and itchiness and even protects your skin from harmful free radicals that enhance the damage from UV rays. Plus, there’s not a single nasty chemical in it, it has a neutral PH balance of 7.5, so it’s amazing for sensitive skin AND it leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft – it seems crazy because it’s just water, but honestly, there’s something in it!

Which brings us to the one and only ingredient, Avène Thermal Spring Water. Avène has been famous for its incredible healing properties for over 270 years, and just recently they discovered a unique microflora in the water (that calms itching and irritations), which along with all its mineral properties make it a unique source of water unlike any other in the world. Add to that it’s rich in silicates that soften skin, it has the perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium to improve skin texture, and trace elements that even restore the epidermal barrier – it’s a pretty supernatural source of water.

Take its incredibly hydrating and soothing effects to another level and soak two cotton pads in Avène and place them over your eyes, which BTW, feels like heaven after a night out!  Or, soak a facial tissue with Avène and let it rest on your face for ten minutes – sounds like the easiest facial we’ve ever heard of!

Want a can to take with you everywhere? Get it at Avène here. We’ll just be waiting patiently for them to bottle it in liters so we can take showers in it.

*Image courtesy of Avène