Meet The Makeup You Can Sleep In... Guilt-Free!

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TBH, we’d never recommend sleeping in makeup, so we were seriously intrigued when we heard about a new brand whose founder markets and tests all her products so that they can be worn in your sleep – lazy beauty babes, rejoice! Yup, you really read that right. Meet Youthforia, a beauty brand made with plant-based formulas, stunning packaging, and long-lasting wear, which are all designed to be safe enough to sleep in. Here’s the tea…

The Brand  

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It started off as an experiment in the name of an international love story (cue the awws). Founder Fiona Co Chan would fly out to visit her partner, which meant she was sleeping in her makeup more than usual. So, she solved the problem (like a total badass) with a million-dollar idea: sleep-friendly makeup. She ditched the software industry for the beauty circle and spent long hours mapping out a makeup collection that HAD to be safe enough to be slept in.

Her priorities? Your skin and the planet. Her focus was on plant-based synthetics, green chemistry principles, and good-for-skin ingredients, which reduced the amount of toxins in her products. The logic is: the fewer the toxins, the safer it is to hit the sack when you’re still slaying your beat.

As for Youthforia’s aesthetic, it’s rooted in the tiny highs of adulting – think: back-and-forth texts with your crush at 4 am, ache-inducing laughter with your besties, and microwaving noodles before watching your comfort show for the trillionth time. The bright neon color story celebrates the microscopic joys of life, much like the party girl trend, which focuses on being and doing whatever TF you want, all with ingredients that don’t sacrifice your skin’s wellbeing. Now that’s a mission statement we support.

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For those that want to have some fun with their current beauty stash, the brand also created a silver travel-size makeup bag, as well as magnetic 4-pan organizers. Shaped like childhood building blocks, the pans allow you to save space and stack products. So without further ado, meet the products:

1. BYO BLUSH, $36

Youthforia-BYO-BlushSource: Youthforia

The brand’s breakout product is Byo Blush, $36. It’s gained fame on TikTok, where countless beauty fans have raved about the oil-based formula that shifts color as it reacts to your skin’s natural pH. Chock-full of skin-nourishing oils like jojoba, sunflower, olive, and sweet almond, it’ll give you the most believable, lit-from-within flush.

2. Dewy Gloss, $26

Youthforia-Dewy-GlossSource: Youthforia

Drench your lips in glossy realness with Youthforia’s Dewy Gloss, $26. This hydrating lip treatment has a velvety, smooth texture that delivers the most delectable color-infused gloss to your pout. Enriched with plant-based castor, rosehip, avocado, and sunflower oil, which are all packed with fatty acids and omegas, your lips will feel hella-supple and soft, without that gross sticky feel.

3. Pregame Primer, $38 

Youthforia-Pregrame-PrimerSource: Youthforia

This is a wear-daily primer that protects your skin from pollution while keeping your makeup in place. Thanks to the vegan patented Skin Save and BlueShield ingredients, the formula soothes and shields your skin against irritation and blue light. Wear it alone on #NoMakeupMakeup days, mix it with your skin tint or use it as a highlighter on the high points of your cheek.

What do you think – would you sleep in your makeup? Let us know in the comments below!

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