8 ZARA Perfume Dupes that Smell *Just* Like Designer Scents



You guys! Next time you pop into your resident ZARA store, try to devote at least two minutes of your time to their fragrance display. Theres a reason why their good-enough-to-eat scents are placed right up front like a grocery store candy counter. Cause once you get a whiff, youre unable to resist a spritz and trust us, from experience, youll snap up a new vial or bottle every DAMN time.

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Read on as we round up our all-time favorite ZARA designer dupes. These arent your copy-and-paste type of replicas, but they smell astonishingly close to the real thing.

ZARA Perfume Dupes:

Perfume Dupe #1: ZARA Gardenia, $18 Vs. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, $130

1-Zara-Gardenia+YSL-Black-OpiumSource: ZARA and Yves Saint Laurent

This warm and spicy gourmand scent is often likened to YSLs famed Black Opium as they share three creamy and mouth-watering accords: orange blossom, vanilla, and coffee a combo that’ll leave your wrists doused in a spicy vanilla-latte-like aroma thats straight-up DELICIOUS.

Perfume Dupe #2: ZARA Apple Juice, $18 Vs. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, $100

2-Zara-Apple-Juice+Chanel-Chance-Eau-TendreSource: ZARA and Chanel

Floral, fruity and feminine best describe Chanels Chance Eau Tendre, and ZARAs Apple Juice gives off the same type of vibe. Like its luxe counterpart, Apple Juice is composed of grapefruit, rose, jasmine, and musk, with the addition of apple, peony, violet, and sandalwood accords for the ultimate clean girl mix. And for the MANY Marc Jacobs Daisy-heads out there, youll probably notice vivid nuances of the classic scent as well.

Perfume Dupe #3: ZARA Red Vanilla, $26 Vs. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle, $118

3-Zara-Red-Vanilla+Lancôme-La-Vie-Est-BelleSource: ZARA and Lancôme

If youre running low on your La Vie Est Belle, reserve your bottle for special occasions and substitute it for Red Vanilla as your day-to-day scent instead. Youll find black currant, vanilla, praline, pear, tonka bean, and iris in both compositions, but sillage and longevity are what sets apart the high-end and budget-friendly blends. A tip? Spritz your dose of La Vie Est Belle in the AM, and then carry around Red Vanilla in the PM for limitless and guilt-free spritzing.

Perfume Dupe #4: ZARA Waterlily Tea Dress, $18 Vs. BYREDO Gypsy Water, $200

4-Zara-Waterlily-Tea-Dress+Byredo-Gypsy-WaterSource: ZARA and BYREDO

If their parallel packaging is anything to go by, ZARAs Waterlily Tea Dress continues to be touted as *thee* go-to pocket-friendly imitation of BYREDOs upmarket scent. Theyre both beautiful citrus and aromatic compositions, but BYREDO possesses a more woody and smoky profile when compared to ZARAs fresh and green persona. Either or is well-suited for minimalists who enjoy delicate and comforting scents.

Perfume Dupe #5: ZARA Bohemian Oud, $30 Vs. Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace, $160

5-Zara-Bohemian-Oud+Maison-Margiela-Replica-By-The-FireplaceSource: ZARA and Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela’s ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace is a much-loved fall fragrance thatll have you reminiscing about fireside winters accompanied by the comforting sweetness of toasted marshmallow smores. And ZARA’s Bohemian Oud succeeds in capturing the same degree of nostalgia. However, we wouldnt describe this as a twin of By The Fireplace but rather an extended relative that’s part of the same fragrance family. Bohemian Oud is a lot more chocolatey with an intense incense and black pepper opening thats balanced out by a creamy and warm dose of vanilla. Its a cozy scent overall think of a snug mug of hot cocoa on a cold day.

Perfume Dupe #6: ZARA Cherry Smoothie, $26 Vs. Tom Ford Lost Cherry, $395

6-Zara-Cherry-Smoothie+Tom-Ford-Lost-CherrySource: ZARA and Tom Ford

The TikTok-famous ZARA perfume thats forever sold out! Even our resident perfume princess, Mona Kattan, revealed that she had to use her connections to secure a bottle for her stash.

@monakattan My FIRST impressions of @ZARA Cherry Smoothie 🍒❤️ What do you think of this gorgeous fragrance? 💋 What should I try next?#zaracherrysmoothie #zarafragrance #firstimpression #new #fragrancetok #fragrancereview #monakattan ♬ original sound – Mona Monica Kattan🧸

Like Lost Cherry, its whipped up with cherry, almond, plum, tonka bean, peri balsam, and vanilla accords. Truthfully, its hands-down one of the best low-cost alternatives to Tom Fords classic concoction. Its not an overpoweringly sweet cherry scent, which we love its juicy, creamy, fun, and playful, minus the booziness of Lost Cherry. So essentially, this is a more daytime-friendly version of the opulent blend.

Perfume Dupe #7: ZARA Golden Decade, $30 Vs. Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum, $130

7-Zara-Golden-Decade+YSL-LibreSource: ZARA and Yves Saint Laurent

This is what we call a TRUE dupe seriously, a quick sniff of this, and you wont be able to distinguish it from the coveted YSL scent. Its only on the dry-down that minor dissimilarities become more apparent. Golden Decade leans towards a sweeter profile but still remains equally mature and luxurious as its muse. Out of all the ZARA dupes out there, this comes highly rated and recommended due to its supreme quality and endless projection. Expect round-the-clock compliments with this gem.

Perfume Dupe #8: ZARA Red Temptation, $30 Vs. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, $325

8-Zara-Red-Temptation+Maison-Francis-Kurkdjians-Baccarat-Rouge540Source: ZARA and Maison Francis Kurkdjians

Many TikTokers swear by this as an affordable Baccarat replica, and after recently smelling it on a friend, we totally get the resemblance. Like Baccarat Rouge 540, it consists of a saffron top note, which explains their identical bittersweet openings. Its gourmand salted caramel-like mix of praline, amber, and musk is beyond addictive – this is a definite must-buy from the ZARA fragrance collection.

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