By Huda Heidi Kattan

I get sooo excited about kick ass drugstore products, maybe more excited than I do about anything else in beauty! I recently starting using Dove Hair Care–my first experience was with the Deep Moisture Hair Mask, which is so amazing that I actually get psyched to use it (Read the full review here)! So I tried the Oil Replacement, not knowing what to expect, and I really love it! It’s definitely a lighter oil replacement than what I’ve used in the past and I personally LOVE it for when I straighten my hair! It kind of just soaks right into your hair, leaving super hydrated! No matter where you are with winter or summer, it’s sooooo important to make sure your hair is moisture-full, otherwise it is much more prone to damage–boooo! We might not realize it, but our hair will break more easily, the color will fade, and split ends will grow, so make sure to keep your hair hydrated!

The best thing about this Oil Replacement is that it literally just absorbs into your hair, without any greasiness! The only thing, it does leave a slight residue if you apply too much, so apply less and work your way up as needed! I recommend applying to your ends only, to keep your hair full! You can even use this before blow-drying and flat ironing and it will work beautifully!