By Huda Heidi Kattan

There’s only a few brands in the world that I whole heartedly know give me good results and Vaseline is without doubt one of those brands that I can’t live without! But they just got BETTER! I mentioned to you guys before in my travel product diary about the new & improved formula, but the results are insane! Vaseline has reinvented their already AMAZING formula for their Vaseline Total Moisture!

The secret behind the new formula is the new Stratus 3 technology, which means deeper skin penetration! Instead of just sitting on your skin like most lotions, it actually goes super deep into the first three layers of skin, which means your skin is soooo soft, even after you wash it off! There are three different kinds, I have them all and I’ve bought the Cocoa Radiant in EVERY size!

Total Moisture has oats and is great for normal skin

Aloe Fresh (great for men, my hubby uses it) is awesome for oily skin

Cocoa Radiant (My ULTIMATE fav) is soooo moisturizing and incredible for dry skin!