This Cult Color Is About To Dominate Your Beauty Routine



Ask any fashion guru, “What color trend has dominated the scene in the past year?” We bet they’d instantly answer: green. It literally took over the fashion industry in 2021, so it was only a matter of time before it exploded onto the beauty scene.

Back in spring 2021, fashion houses released a vibrant slew of bright green garments, accessories, and everything in between. As usual, the world followed their lead. The most iconic? Bottega Green (obvs). Yes, we’re referring to that electric green hue popularized by fashion house Bottega Veneta. Almost all your fave It girls were seen wearing it, from Hailey to Rihanna, Kylie, and Beyoncé.

Ever since it debuted, we’ve seen bright green popping up on beauty packaging (hello, HumanRace) and in a ton of other places. Now it’s finally reached our makeup, hairspo, and nailscapes. Consider this your ultimate guide on how to incorporate green into your beauty game. Trust us, try it out, and everyone will be green with envy (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!).

The DL On The Green Trend

Bottega, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Victoria Beckham, The Attico… Just a few of the brands that have given us green realness in their most recent runway collections. Then you have TikTok’s obsession with the hue that’s gone so far that Gen Zers are literally drinking green water. Not to mention the green accents we’re seeing on our packaging. It’s an undeniable color trend that many color experts deem to be the color of our generation, similar to millennial pink, and TBH, we totally agree.

Wondering how it’s become so darn popular? Let’s explore color science for a hot minute! So, one of the reasons why the world is obsessed with green is our newfound love for sustainability. We’re literally manifesting the idea of a greener existence. Plus, after a year of living through the neutrality of the pandemic, people are craving vibrancy. Green is also believed to represent fertility and abundance, and balance and harmony. Is it any surprise we’re gravitating towards these themes in 2022? Not really!

In short, our newfound love for green isn’t just because a bunch of celebs are wearing the shade; it goes WAY deeper than that.

Here’s how to werk it into your makeup game.

Green Makeup

Okay, so the running theme for makeup trends or any look this year is to do whatever TF you want. If you want to slay a vibrant green floating liner to grab groceries, you do you, hun.

If a neon green lid sparks joy that Marie Kondo would be proud of, go for it. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but we are here to deliver some major inspiration and get your creative juices flowin’.

If your makeup bag is missing a neon green shadow, grab the Danessa Myricks ColorFix Neon, $18, in the shade Wasabi – the pigment is popping, it blends effortlessly, and it’s super long-lasting.

Take notes from Euphoria makeup STAN, Barbie Ferreira, and stack complementary green and blue hues. We’re literally drooling over this look. Our Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Palette, $29, in Python, is ideal for this look as it features rich green hues and stunning blue pigments.

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Alternatively, follow legendary MUA Nikki_Makeup‘s example and contrast green hues with purple tones – another major 2022 color trend, just sayin’.

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We’re also majorly crushing on this dark green liner moment on Hailey Beiber. It adds dimension to an otherwise classic look.

If you prefer muted tones, opt for a khaki lid a la MUA Katie Jane Hughes. It’s perfect for a more understated daytime look.

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And just when we thought we’d finalized this trend report, Solange serves us this green lewk just before we hit publish! One word: goddess.

Sidenote: our guide to getting her 90s vibe lips right here.

Green Hair

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We won’t BS on this one; green tresses are an undeniably bold look that requires A LOT of maintenance. So before you consider it, check out our hair coloring guide.

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If you don’t have light blonde hair, the best course of action is to bleach your hair and add a green rinse. It’s an intense process, so we’d leave this one to the professionals. Alternatively, get yourself a green wig and save yourself the hassle and commitment.

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Whether you commit to a full head of green, dye your roots like Billie and do a peekaboo section, or weave green extensions into your braids, just remember to have fun and be fearless.

Green Nailspo

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Nailscapes – that’s landscape-style nail ART – are a major trend for 2022, and we’re so here for it! Naturally, it was only a matter of time before we saw green nail art crop up on our Instagram.

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We could honestly spend all day looking at green nail art, so we’ll just leave you with this textured green french mani!

Would you slay a green beauty vibe? Let us know in the comments below.

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