My Essential Products Are All Under $5


top drugstore products

Let’s be real, half of your makeup collection probably only gets used a few times a year – you know the eyeshadow palette your aunt got you for your birthday, or the freebie lipstick you were given. But we all have a staple arsenal of beauty products, those essential items we reach for almost every day without fail. Well, the products that I can’t live without and that I use every day are all from the drugstore. These three beauty staples are essentials for me: whether I’m being particularly lazy, need my makeup to look flawless, or if I’m just perfecting my winged liner…

The Drugstore Product I Can’t Do My Makeup Without

I think I probably go through a box of these in a month because I use them for everything, but that’s fine because you can literally get 100 for like $2! I’m talking about Q-Tips, those little bundles of cotton on the end of a stick have been a savior in my makeup routine for as long as I can remember. But my absolute favorite is Muji’s Thin Cotton Buds – they’re super skinny and much finer than the regular cotton buds you might use, which means they’re twice as helpful for cleaning up makeup mistakes and other beauty hacks. Check out my four Q-Tip hacks here and where to shop Muji cotton buds.

This Drugstore Beauty Dupe Will Airbrush Any Foundation

If you didn’t know by now, your foundation is not the only reason for flawless skin. Any foundation no matter how much you spend on it can look terrible if it’s applied badly, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an MUA to boast the most perfectly blended, seamless foundation! Great skin is all about technique, but there’s one tool that can make anyone a master at foundation blending… a beauty sponge! I’ve been a huge fan of the beautyblender ever since it was released; the squishy pink egg makes smoothing foundation super easy, but at $20 it’s not affordable considering it should be replaced every three months! That’s why I’ve become obsessed with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $11 for two; they’re an amazing dupe for the beautyblender. Read my full review and blending tips here.

The Drugstore Product Everyone Should Own

It’s 2017, and we’re living a more fast-paced life than ever before. When it comes to even some of the most basic beauty chores, we just really CBA, anything to make our lives easier and hassle-free is appreciated, anything! From makeup wipes instead of washing our faces (naughty) to a spritz of dry shampoo in favor of a longer lie-in: Both are shortcuts I take advantage of on a weekly basis. Seriously though, I don’t know what I’d do without dry shampoo in between washing my hair, it helps it to appear fresh, clean, gives me volume, and helps keep my style in place, so it’s basically my answer to a hairspray that cleans! I’m obsessed with OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam, but it was Batiste that started my love for dry shampoo, in particular, their XXL Volume Boost formula, $9, is THE