3 Reasons Why You Need The Fender!

huda beauty

huda beauty fender

Incase you guys missed our latest announcement about the #HudaBeautyFenderBlender, here are 3 Reasons Why You NEED The Fender in your Life… like..right now!

1. Say goodbye 👋🏽 to poking your eyes out when applying your shadows with your fingers! The Fender is perfectly manicured to be functional (and harmless), as well as super cute at the same time. One word. Chrome nails. Get that shadow poppin without the messy fingers!

2. Ever twisted your arm, hand, and fingers in the most awkward positions (that actually hurt), just to apply shadow on the inner corner of your eye? Yeah. We’ve all been there. Thanks to The Fender, hand-twisting is now a thing of the past. 🙌🏽

3. Besides the fact that it’s super hygienic and mimics the exact same skin texture as any human finger (which gives INSANE pay-off btw) – it’s also incredibly trendy and comes in different colors & sizes! Did we mention nail color too? 💅🏽 So you never need to commit to a nail shade, you can change it whenever you like! And in case you wanna be super extra, why not get some jewelry for your Fender too? 💍

What are your thoughts on the #HudaBeautyFenderBlender? We can’t wait to hear them all! Xx