4 Super Easy DIY Drinks To Detox, NOW!


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Everyone’s a little guilty of overindulging during the holidays; I mean, who could resist all the festive flavored drinks, the candy canes, and omg the gingerbread… But, as soon as it hits January, the thing that’s on everyone’s mind is getting rid of the turkey pounds we piled on during the holiday season. So, as always, we’re here to help with some incredible, natural detox teas that will clean out your system and boost your metabolism, so you’ll be back to feeling yourself in no time at all. And for those of you who are keeping it dry this January, these drinks can provide a great alternative to alcohol.

Hot Lemon and Water

Ask any model on the runway this season, and they’ll tell you they 100% swear by this daily detox drink. So, start the day right by drinking a cup of hot water with a wedge of lemon, as it’ll help flush out all the unwanted toxins in your system and hydrate your body at the same time. The citrusy combo will also boost your immune system and help you absorb vitamins throughout the day. Another bonus is the lemon water will work as a diuretic, which will help keep your urinary tract healthy, maximizing your enzyme function, and improving the health of your liver (to make up for the beverages consumed over the holidays).

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

There’s no denying that apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a miracle ingredient. Not only does it help your skin (click here to find out why), it’s incredible for weight loss too. By drinking this tea before each meal, it’ll ease digestion and help reduce water retention so that you won’t bloat. The acidity of the vinegar will kickstart your metabolism and prevent starch from breaking down so that fewer calories will enter your bloodstream – yes, please!

Recipe: Boil a cup of water and allow it to cool for two minutes. Then mix in 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar followed by one teaspoon of raw honey. Finish it off by adding one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Stir and enjoy! If you fancy a quick fix instead, you can take a shot of ACV first thing in the morning.

Green Tea

By drinking a ton of green tea, you’ll not only stay mega hydrated, but you’ll also increase your concentration, energy levels while improving your body’s ability to burn fat. It also makes it the perfect pre-workout drink as it will mobilize fatty acids and heighten your performance. No wonder it’s so popular with the celebs! The best thing is, it’s soooo affordable, so there’s no excuse for you to be caught without one in your hand! Find out more about this amazing tea here.

Cinnamon Apple Tea

Cinnamon is another perfect ingredient if you’re trying to detox as it’ll stabilize your blood sugar levels so you won’t get those crazy sugar cravings. Plus, the apples will help you shed any extra pounds, as they’re an excellent source of pectin, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer and help you to resist snacking.

Recipe: Place two cinnamon sticks in a saucepan of warm water. Then add half an apple, with one teaspoon of raw honey. Leave the water to infuse for 20 minutes on a low heat. Serve and enjoy. In the summer months, combine the ingredients in cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight to infuse, then serve it over ice when you wake up.