4 Easy Hairstyles To Hide Greasy AF Hair


Jennifer lopez

We know we’re not meant to, but if we can avoid washing our hair, we will! This means not only is dry shampoo a must on our bathroom shelves, but so is an easy hairstyle that will disguise our roots. The best thing is, when our hair is greasy it’s actually in its most friendly styling stage, so cute braids, messy buns, and quirky pin-ups are made for your three-day-old hair – who are we kidding, we push it to four or five days sometimes. To help you get the most out of your snooze button and that extra 20 minutes of beauty sleep, here are some seriously bomb hairstyles that look best when your hair’s dirty…

Werk-your-grease pony

slicked back pony

Make your oily roots work to your advantage! No matter how bad you think you are at doing your hair, you can master this slick pony, we promise! Brush your hair thoroughly, and then using a bristle brush, scrape your hair backward, gathering all your hair into one hand. Tie your pony high up on your head and take a small section from underneath to wrap around your hair elastic, then secure with bobby pins. Check out four more ways you can play with your slicked ponytail.

The alternative messy bun!

rosie bun

Okay, so some people find a messy bun to be the easiest hairstyle in the world, while the rest of us struggle to make it look cool and elegant and just end up looking like a 12-year-old ballerina. This is the perfect do for dirty hair, so if you need some direction, this fresh-twist on how to do a gorgeous messy bun is for you! Don’t forget the dry shampoo!

The easiest crown braid ever

crown braid

This look gives us major summer vibes, but it’s so cute, why not wear it all year round? Not only is this super easy to do when your hair is greasy but because you end up wrapping your braids around the front of your head, it totally hides your greasy parting!

If in doubt, put a headband on it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 4.42.29 PM

Sometimes the level of grease is bad, and on the days a hat in the office isn’t appropriate but you also really don’t want to wash your hair, a headband will be your BFF. And no, it’s not really preppy or old school, it’s basically the staple of any Dolce girl. A wide headband, bandana or ribbon will cover your greasy roots and look super cute. You can wear it solo or add braids – you do you – whatever ‘s easiest.