5 Easy Food Swaps Your Skin Will Thank You For


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The bottom line is, you could have the most amazing beauty regime consisting of dozens of miracle products, but if you’re not eating well and drinking plenty of water, it’s going to negatively affect your skin. You have to remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body, so if you’re not providing it with the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you’re more likely to experience dull skin and breakouts. But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you drastically change your diet and only eat steamed broccoli; instead, try just a few healthy food swaps; cut out the bad stuff and replace it with something more nutritional. We promise, it won’t even feel like you’re making a sacrifice, and you’ll be trading in not-so-great ingredients for beauty-boosting foods – it really is a no-brainer.

Swap lattes for Americanos and green tea

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from countless dermatologists and celebrity nutritionists, it’s that we should avoid dairy (more specifically milk) as much as possible. The reason being, dairy is full of hormones and when you consume it, it’ll cause your other hormone levels to rise; including testosterone and progesterone. These hormones are the main cause of excess oil and sebum, which can block your pores and trigger breakouts. So try and stay away from milky lattes, and trade it in for either a black coffee or an almond milk latte. Almond milk is full of skin-loving vitamins like vitamin E, which helps strengthen your skin’s epidermis layer while giving it a healthy glow. But, possibly the healthiest trade, would be to ditch your latte and have a Green Tea instead, which can balance oil production, keep acne at bay, soften the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage while removing toxins from your body. Plus, it’s practically calorie-free.

Trade milk chocolate for dark chocolate or cacao

Ok, so we have to admit, this trade may take a little bit of time to get used to, but once you’ve committed to this health swap, you’ll be thanking us. Chocolate doesn’t just contain dairy; it’s also really high in refined sugars and white sugars, which are bad news for your skin. Sugar can dehydrate your skin, cause inflammation, and it can even cause premature aging (digested sugar attaches to the collagen in your skin, breaking it down rapidly). Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you give up chocolate entirely (we’re not crazy!), just opt for dark chocolate cacao-based sweet treats instead. Dark chocolate and cacao are the rawest form of chocolate bean and aren’t sweetened, and they actually have a ton of health benefits! We know they may taste slightly bitter, but they both contain beauty-boosting anti-oxidants and will improve blood circulation so that more oxygen is delivered to your skin, leaving it looking radiant AF. Just make sure your dark chocolate is 75% or more, or find some delicious cacao recipes here.

Swap butter or oil for grapeseed oil

Even though it may taste great, cooking with butter or sunflower oil isn’t good for your health or your skin. Both are super high in cholesterol, which triggers your body to produce more hormones, thereby increasing your oil production, making breakouts more common. Cold-pressed grapeseed oil, however, reduces harmful cholesterol. It also has a very high ‘smoke point;’ the temperature at which oil begins to smoke – the higher the smoke point, the better. So next time you’re cooking, reach for the grapeseed oil to improve your health and your skin.

Switch sugar for Manuka honey

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As we mentioned, white refined sugars aren’t good for your skin, so you should try and avoid them wherever possible. Instead, try using honey to sweeten your food, more specifically Manuka honey – whether that’s in your morning coffee, your oatmeal, or in your cooking.  Not only will it help you curb your sugar cravings, but since honey is a natural humectant, it will make your skin super soft, whether applied topically or ingested. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it will help remove toxins from your body while improving digestion. Manuka honey is especially beneficial as it’s the rawest form of honey, which is free from preservatives and has a higher concentration of nutrients.

Swap soda or fruit drinks for detox water

The truth is, no matter if your fav soda or fruit juice is ‘calorie-free’ or ‘not from concentrate,’ a soda or fruit juice is never going to do good things for your skin. Not only are these soft drinks high in refined sugars (the average can of soda contains 8g of sugar), but sodas also contain nasty chemicals such as aspartame, which make you crave more sugar. And when it comes to fruit-based drinks, like orange juice, although that may seem like a healthier alternative to a can of Coke, chances are it’s full of sweeteners and additives that’ll dehydrate your skin and steal that glow your favorite face oil promises to deliver. Instead, make your own detox water that will hydrate your skin and rid it of toxins that cause inflammation. Check out our fav detox water recipes here.

For more beauty-boosting miracle foods, check out this post. Let us know if you have any other healthy food swaps in the comments below.