5 Makeup Trends We're Dying Over For 2018

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2018 makeup trends

The approaching New Year stirs up all sorts of feels. The pressure to have Instagram post-worthy plans for New Year’s Eve, a sense of nostalgia for another year past, and likely the most cliché of them all, having to answer the inevitably asked question: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

In an effort to level-set expectations so that we don’t wind up disappointing ourselves (dry January? No thanks… but you do you!), we’re going to stick to a resolution we know we can commit to. We’re vowing to be more adventurous with our makeup. Because let’s face it (literally), it’s easy to get comfortable wearing the same look day to day using products we’ve depended on forever. Not this year. 2018 is the year we’re resolving to be a little *extra* every day just because – and we’re starting with these five makeup trends we’re already obsessed with:

Glittery Eyes

glitter eyes 2018 makeup trends

Second image from right by the incredibly talented Marika D’Auteuil, (Instagram: @lapetitevengeance).

It’s no surprise that we’re feeling the glitter moment that’s happening right now, and while it’s prime time to turn up the sparkle factor, we’re here for this trend to stay long after holiday party season has come and gone. Whether it’s a wash of a subtle shimmery shadow across lids, a chunkier glitter embellishment in the inner corners, or sparkly eyeliner along the top or lower lash line, you no longer need a special occasion to break out the bling.

Glossy Lids

glossy lids 2018 makeup trends

Another easy way to elevate your eye look without spending tons of time? Create a vinyl-like finish to your eyeshadow. We’re obsessed with how wet-looking lids can transform any shade to have a more modern edge. This Lid Lacquer from NYX Cosmetics, which comes in a clear and black shade will do the trick. Just think of it as a topcoat for your shadow!

A Red Lip

red lips 2018 makeup trends

Choose cherry, brick, or ruby, a killer red lip will never go out of style. What’s different about it for 2018? There’s no need to make it the star of the show and downplay the rest of your makeup look. You want to rock a smoky eye, full-on highlight and contour, and a bold red lip? Come through!

Geometric Eyeliner

geomettic eyeliner 2018 makeup trends

For those days when an entire eye look may just not be in the cards, we’re into discovering new ways of using eyeliner (not just your go-to thin black line) to make a statement. Take your cat-eye flick to the next level by extending it into your crease for a more graphic design. If you’re using a kohl pencil, make sure it’s always freshly sharpened to get the most precise lines – and it never hurts to have some Q-tips on hand to clean up any smudges!

Lip Strobing

lip strobing 2018 makeup trends

Far right image by the incredibly talented Pearl Owosu, (Instagram: @pearlpaulao).

Saving perhaps the best for last, we at HB HQ feel partly responsible for the fact that lip strobing is all over our Instagram feed as we close out 2017. Even though our Lip Strobes launched this past summer, it seems that people are finally catching on to why we love them so much. The iridescent pigments of these glistening glosses focused in the middle of the mouth reflect light to give a plumping effect to lips.

What trends are you excited to try in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

*All imagery courtesy of Pinterest, and special thanks to the talented MUAs who created these inspiring looks. Tag known artists in the comments below and we will add credits 🙂