5 Super Beauty Vitamins That Will Make You Glow


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We love testing new skincare products; whether they’re weird af or they make our skin feel amazing, we just get a kick out of it. But we also know that no matter how expensive or great the ingredients are, if we’re eating badly, our skin can’t be in its best health. So, even though the right skincare routine will have a major impact on your skin, there are some crazy ingredients that you can eat and drink that will give your skin a boost like nothing else – and we know, because we’ve tried them! Ingestible beauty is one of the most powerful and effective ways to give your skin and body a glow up from within. So, even though these five ingredients are ahhhhmazing when applied topically, they’re even more powerful when ingested. If you’re not yet trying one, here are five you should consider:


Good for: Skin-firming, scar-healing, and boosting hair growth
How to take: Drink it, pop a pill

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in your body, and it’s what makes your skin look plump, aids your skin in healing, and keeps your joints healthy. The older you get, the less your body produces, which is one of the reasons we notice fine lines and skin sagging occuring. Drinking collagen can not only soften signs of maturing but also helps strengthen your joints and give you glossy hair and stronger fingernails. Find out our best tips for trying collagen here.

Hemp seeds

Good for: Stress, balancing oily skin, and hair growth
How to take: Eat them

Possibly the coolest and most impressive ingredient to hit the health and beauty industry recently is hemp! It turns out hemp seeds are a crazy nutritious mix of protein, minerals, and healthy fats. They’re bursting with amino acids too, so they’re one of the best things you can take to help restore your body after a workout. Amazingly, they can even help you when you’re feeling stressed on your period, as the Gamma-linolenic acid produces a hormone that balances the stress hormone, prolactin. Hemp seeds can also help to improve your hair growth and health. Find out more about how to beautify with hemp here.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Good for: Detoxing and bloating
How to take: Drink it, take it as a tablet

This miracle ingredient is not only the bomb for putting on your skin (we mix it into almost all our DIYs), but when taken internally, it’s like the ultimate detox. Activated charcoal effectively traps toxins, so when applied to your skin or ingested, it will basically suck all the bad stuff into it. You can use it to keep signs of bloating in check, cleanse your liver, and aid in digestion. The best thing is it’s also inexpensive, and you can buy it in tablet form to be super convenient. Be sure to check with your doctor if you’re taking medication, as sometimes activated charcoal can interfere. Get all the deets on how to use activated charcoal powder here.

Aloe Vera

Good for: Soothing skin and boosting metabolism
How to take: Drink it!

We know, it sounds weird, but drinking aloe vera juice is insanely good for your skin, especially if you have dehydrated or acne-prone skin. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and amino acids, so it is great for your body and has enzymes that help break down fats and sugars that aid digestion! Check out how you can use it topically as well as internally here.

Royal Jelly

Good for: Firming skin, acne, and scarring
How to take: Take it in tablet form

This weird ingredient is one of nature’s most incredible sources of food; it’s what turns a normal bee into a queen bee (growing 40 times bigger, and living 50 times longer!), and it’s packed with nutritional goodness. Royal jelly contains amino acids that are vital for collagen production, which is what makes your skin plump and firm. If you have acne, royal jelly is worth a try as it’s touted for balancing acne-causing hormones and promotes skin cell growth that can soften acne-scarring. Check out other ways royal jelly is awesome here.