7 Cozy Fragrances We’ll Be Spritzing All Season


For something that’s quite literally invisible, fragrance holds an enormous amount of power. A single spritz somehow helps “define” you for the day, leaving a trailing hint that you were present, if only for a brief moment, as you move from one space to another.

Come fall and winter, warm and cozy fragrances feel particularly welcome compared to the sweet perfumes and light florals of spring and summer. These weightier scents ground us and often offer a sense of deep complexity that just feels right for this time of year. Think brooding woodsy EDPs, luxe gourmands rolled in sticky amber and genderless fragrances that toe the line between strong and soft.

Given the changing seasons, now’s the ideal time to introduce a new, cold-weather EDP into your fragrance wardrobe. All the following will pair perfectly with your cozy outfits, and we’ve got a little something for everyone.

1. KAYALI Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48, $85

Source: KAYALI

Kayali’s newest fragrance has all the makings of a chilly season superstar. With notes of moody black cherry, fresh rose, and earthy palo santo, it’s the perfect fusion of woody warmth, sweet gourmand, intoxicating spices, smoky goodness, and a well-balanced zing of fruit. Reviewers say this unisex fragrance feels like a nod to Tom Ford’s uber-popular Lost Cherry and that it’s one they’ll be wearing all winter long.

2. Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum, $105

Source: Ellis Brooklyn

We won’t beat around the bush: This EDP from the perfume geniuses at Ellis Brooklyn isn’t for everyone. That said, if you’re the type who’s lulled by the thought and smell of sweet, warmed milk, you might just become obsessed at first spritz. Vanilla Milk hits more creamy than spicy — but does lean into both — and features notes of thick caramel bourbon, fresh vanilla bean, cocoa shells, and subtly sweet frangipani. It’s definitely a scent that feels different from the rest.

3. Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Eau de Parfum, $168

Source: Viktor & Rolf

Those who prefer their bourbon just a bit more on the traditional side will appreciate this new EDP from Viktor & Rolf. It’s a deviation from the brand’s well-known sugary florals but still feels like it belongs in the family. Opening notes of fennel flower and gentle jasmine offer a bright and floral element, while a creamy bourbon vanilla base lends a sense of sensual grounding that feels all too welcoming for the blustery weather ahead.

4. Boy Smells Woodphoria Eau de Parfum, $98

Source: Boy Smells

Let’s turn our attention to one of Boy Smells’ newest EDPs, Woodphoria. This one comfortably rests in the non-gendered sector, making it the perfect option for anyone who prefers no labels or presuppositions. Woodphoria effortlessly melds soft and strong into one addictive scent via a blend of ripe coconut, earthy sandalwood and cedar, a little musk, and bright fig leaves.

5. Phlur Somebody Wood Eau de Parfum, $96

Source: Phlur

Here’s another woodsy perfume for fragrance fiends who fancy themselves forest lovers. While Boy Smells combines richness with light, Phlur’s unisex woodsy scent is undeniably spicy and sexy. It opens with a burst of bergamot, which melts into leathery saffron accords, creamy sandalwood, and sumptuous amber. Consider it the cozy equivalent of a spendy cashmere sweater worn in a 5-star cabin getaway.

6. Burberry Her Elixir EDP Intense, $117

Source: Burberry

Consider Burberry’s newest EDP launch for something that settles more softly but still feels alluring. Her Elixir features the fashion house’s iconic fruity-meets-gourmand scent profile, but this time offers a few more twists and turns via sweet jasmine, a punch of juicy dark red berries, and a duet of swirling vanilla and amber. It’s perhaps the most traditionally feminine option on this list.

7. Eauso Purple Noon, $165

Source: Purple Noon

Let us introduce you to Eauso, EDP newcomers that are sure to leave a lasting imprint in the fragrance world. Clean, sophisticated, and amber-driven, Purple Noon delivers a whiff of the fresh zing of ginger, which is softened with sweet neroli, juicy orange, and earthy bergamot. At the dry down, a heart of geranium and orange flower comes through, which is supported by a gentle, pillowy base of tuberose, musk, and vanilla.

Are you an oud fragrance person? These intoxicating perfumes will have you saying, “Oud la la!”

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