9 Easy Ways To Detox Like A Pro After The Holidays


9 Easy Ways to Detox Like a Pro After the Holidays

It’s all fun and reindeer games until you go to slip into your skinny jeans come NYE and they’re snug AF. Thank god for elastic waist pants, but when you want to get back on it (and don’t know where to start, or are beyond unmotivated), a little help is needed. This is why we enlisted the pros – from celeb trainers and nutritionists to yogis and spa directors, consider these guys your wellness squad to get you back on track. You got this, guys!

Start Slowly and Ease Into It

Trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson lists celebs like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara as clients, so it’s no wonder his detox plan of attack is foolproof. “You got toxic over time, now detox over time,” he encourages. “Pick one area of REAL focus (diet, no drinking, working out, getting eight hours of sleep a night, etc.) and get an A+ in that, then start adding.” And if you’ve been known to sleep through classes and vow to start the next day (hi, same) he has a remedy: “Plan your workouts when they are least likely to be canceled, rescheduled, or interrupted and get plenty of rest — sleep is key when you are rising from the holiday season ashes.”

Consider Supplements 

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Peterson suggests MitoQ to his clients for an added boost of post-holiday detox power, since it’s an antioxidant supplement that acts directly inside the mitochondria (where respiration and energy production occur in cells). “Being active, eating a healthy diet, and obtaining adequate rest are all important parts of overall health and wellness; however, as we age, our bodies naturally don’t run as well as they used to,” says Peterson. “MitoQ gives you the energy you need to keep up with the demands of life.”

Hydrate With Minerals

We all know drinking a full glass of water before meals makes you feel more full (so you don’t immediately shove your entire plate into your mouth), but the type of water you’re drinking plays a big role in your detox road to recovery. Six Senses Zil Pasyon spa and wellness manager Gabriela Zoltakova advises starting your day with eight ounces of warm water, with lemon and pinch of pink Himalayan salt. “This drink is not only an ideal electrolyte beverage packed with trace minerals and nutrients, it’s also gently detoxifying by stimulating toxin release from the liver,” she says. And to speed up metabolism and detox further, she also suggests ingesting one tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil every morning

Try a Juice and Smoothie Detox

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“From the eggnog at Christmas to the latkes at Hanukkah and the champagne at New Year’s… We all love the flavors of the holidays, but we reach a point where it catches up to us,” says Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, best-selling author and founder of luxury vegan skincare brand Schique. Schaffer’s answer to glowing skin and a clean gut? Her three-day juice and smoothie detox. “By juicing and blending a variety of alkaline vegetables and fruits, it makes it much easier for your body to absorb their nutrients and if you follow this regimen, you’ll look and feel younger in just three days,” she adds.

Try IV Vitamin Drips and Urban Sweat Lodges

If you’re more of the lazy detoxer type and know you won’t commit to taking daily classes or going on an all-green diet, fitness guru (and Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian trainer) Lacey Stone has an alternative. “Customized IV drips are the future of multivitamins and optimizing health,” she explains. “Plus they help with hangovers and weight loss, and combat aging.” Essentially these detox in a drip IVs are the wonder cure to an over-toxed system – and the best part, they can be performed in med spas OR nurses will even come to your house at a cost. Another thing Stone swears by are urban sweat lodges like LA’s Shape House: “You lay trapped in a 160-degree Far Infrared sleeping bag for 55 minutes and you’re given a remote and headphones so you can watch your favorite shows while you release all the toxins in your life.” Now how can you beat that?

Give Forest Bathing a Chance

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If you haven’t attempted the peaceful art of forest bathing, 2021 is as good a time as any to try the trend that’s become a huge hit for its meditative benefits. According to Gaiam ambassador and yoga expert, Rodney Yee, “After indulging in lots of food over the holidays, focusing on digestion will help your body detox, and a meditative walk in nature is the perfect way to do just that.” And if you can’t happen to find a forest nearby, a park or open trail will do just fine. “The rhythm and ease of walking aids the digestive tract with a graceful pulse and completely destresses you,” he adds. Let’s be serious though: Walking is also the easiest form of exercise you can do, so strap on your sneaks and get outside already.

Eat the Rainbow

“A combination of different natural phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables, and spices can work synergistically to provide improved benefits, so a salad will indulge your skin better than if you just stick to one type of fruit or vegetable,” says Dr. Karin Hermoni, PhD, head of science and nutrition at Lycored.” Not sure your fridge is stocked in rainbow hues? Hermoni’s grocery shopping cheat sheet consists of: tomatoes, carrots, spinach, kale, parsley, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, and cantaloupe.

Incorporate Deep Breathing Exercises

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According to celebrity nutritionist and founder of Alkamind superfoods, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, “70% of the total toxic load in your body is removed by your lungs and breathing.” Now think about how stressful the holidays can be. Chances are, you could use a full-bellied deep breathe (or 25). “Deep breathing will boost your immunity, metabolism, and insulin secretion by lowering stress and it also helps our bodies absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently, breaking them down into usable energy,” he adds. But don’t just inhale-exhale and be done. Gioffre advises the proper protocol is the 3:6:5 power breath: breathe in for 3 seconds via the nose, hold the breath for 6 seconds, and exhale out the mouth for 5, and do this 10 times a day.

Replace Alcohol With Infused Water

It seems as though infused waters are everywhere these days, but one that’s caught our eye as of late is Gac. Packed with 90 different age-defying antioxidants and vitamins, and infused with gac fruit – a rare superfruit found in Southeast Asia – drinking one can of this stuff is equal to consuming a bunch of leafy greens and veggies (six cans for $24). Plus it’s faster. “Super-fruit infused wellness waters are the best way to detox as they pump your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals,” explains founder Yin Zou. “And drinkable beauty waters with paradise fruits combat the signs of aging and dry eyes.” In other words, pass the Gac. Check out our six super easy detox drinks that will enhance your skin here.