9 Sexy, Super Easy Halloween Makeup Looks


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At HB HQ we take Halloween VERY seriously. For a day, our office is literally transformed into a spooky AF wonderland of cobwebs, blood, and skeletons. But if you’re not into spending a ton of money or time on your look, then we have you covered too. Plus, if your Halloween costume inspiration is more Regina George’s sexy bunny than Cady Herron’s dead bride, then we have some sexy Halloween makeup ideas that require minimum(ish) effort but have maximum effect…

1. Ice Queen Vampire

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This look is the bomb! We realize that at first, it may seem a little complicated, but when you break it down, it’s a red lip, a warm-gold eye, white brows (plus an ice wig if you want to go the extra mile!), and plenty of fake blood! You can even add vampire teeth if you want to up the vamp!

Makeup tip: To create the ghost brows, comb them through using a white eyelash primer – this will make them look thicker and add some drama to the look. You can use a white highlighter or white eyeshadow for the icy cold cheek highlighter.

2. Sexy Wonder Woman

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If you feel like bringing out your inner Wonder Woman (because we all have one), then this makeup look is perfect. It’s super simple but it’ll look good on everyone!

Makeup tip: Don’t forget to add a drop of highlighter to your collar bones to make them pop, it adds major sex appeal.

3. Space Alien

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This look is giving us some major cute alien vibes. Plus, white eyeliner is seriously trending right now, so this look is the perfect excuse to finally make the commitment and buy an icy eyeliner.

Makeup tip: Cover your lips in foundation or concealer to get a consistent matte base then add a gold-colored gloss like the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Ritzy, $26. Finish with a dab of a cool-toned highlighter on your Cupid’s bow, topped with a couple of strokes of white liner vertically through the lips.

Cute Deer

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This would definitely fall within the ‘sexy-cute’ category but we’re obsessed, regardless. If you want to make this look a little more Halloween, add some blood from the nose, mouth, and around your neck.

Makeup tip: Make sure you don’t forget to line your lash line with white liner – it’s a quick step but it completes the look.

Easy Zombie

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If you’ve got work all day and no time to get Halloween-ified, then this is your ticket to getting scary in seconds – literally! Just spray your eye-makeup with some water and smudge it everywhere, add some creepy contacts and blur your lips. Finally, spritz your hair with water (you can also add gel) for a wet-look look!

Makeup tip: Use a bold red lipstick (like Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Cheerleader, $20), and then smudge your lips. You can also add a couple of drops of fake blood coming from the corner of your lips.

Scary Vampire

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This look is definitely bordering on the scary side but we’re high key into it.

Makeup tip: To create the veined under eyes, work in layers of color starting with the deeper black and purple tones and finish with the reds and pinks.

Well-Preserved Mummy!

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This makeup look is so easy to achieve – it’s basically a strong contour and a contact lens. If you want to up the scare factor, use white to highlight and a more grey-toned powder shade to contour.

Makeup tip: Make sure you prep your skin with a mattifying primer – just think, no one gets oily skin when they’re dead!

Cute Clown

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Okay, so we realize that clowns scare a lot of people (us included) but this look is dope and totally not scare-the-hotties-away scary! We love the addition of the red gems too, they add a hint of glam!

Makeup tip: To keep the triangular shapes neat and clean, use makeup tape and then fill in the negative space with jet black eyeliner.

Sexy Devil

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You’re no angel either bby ⛑

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We’ve been living in red eyeshadow for the past couple of months, so we’re 100% here for this look – basically add some devil horns and a sexy leather catsuit and you’re good to go!

Makeup tip: For a seriously snatched eyeshadow look, use makeup tape (we like the Sephora Makeup Tape, $6) and attach it from the outer corner of your eye to the tail of your brow, then blend away right up until your brow. Again, add blood for more Halloween feels!

Looking for something a little spookier? Check out this super easy zombie tutorial. Let us know what makeup-themed looks you’d like us to do next in the comments below.