A Beginner's Guide to Lip Contouring A Plumper Pout


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The magic of a good lip contour is seriously underrated! It really amazes me every time I contour my lips at what a HUGE difference it can make to their size and shape of them. Honestly, when I decided to create my Lip Contours, everyone thought I was crazy, but a lip liner really is an essential in your beauty bag, and it’s the perfect way to upgrade your lip game – I literally don’t leave the house without Lip Contour (Trendsetter & Bombshell are my FAV!). And as if a voluptuous pout wasn’t already exciting enough when you contour your lips properly, it makes your lipstick last so much longer – yes, please!

Honestly, the key to visibly enhancing the size and fullness is so easy, and you only need three tools to do it: Your favorite lipstick, a matching lip liner, and a slightly paler shade of lipstick.

Your ultimate step-by-step to lip contouring like a pro:LipContourHB

Step 1 – PREP: Exfoliate lips with a warm damp towel and sugar, then blot with a little lip balm.
Step 2 – PRIME: Add a touch of foundation all over lips to create a blank canvas.
Step 3 – DEFINE: Draw an X at the cupid’s bow and outline the lips, being careful not to go too far outside your natural lip line. Make sure they’re even and symmetrical.
Step 4 – FILL: Connect your liner at the corners and fill the lips with liner, fading towards the center. Apply your darker, matching lip shade all over.
Step 5 – HIGHLIGHT: Using a lipstick in a paler shade, dab it onto the center of lips and blend out with your finger to create the illusion of a fuller pout.
Step 6 – CONTOUR: If you want the fullest look possible you can contour around your lips! Check out my 30-second tutorial on my Instagram.

See all these steps in action with my Lip Contouring 101 video on YouTube!

We’ve made the process extra easy with our Lip Contour sets, which combine my favorite Liquid Matte shade combinations and a Lip Contour that take the guesswork out of contouring. Get your hands on them exclusively on our shop now.Huda Beauty Lip contouring Lip Kit