Beauty Pop Quiz: Are You A Beauty Buff Or A Beauty Novice?


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Since you all enjoyed our OG beauty pop quiz so much, we thought we’d bring it back to test out your beauty knowledge once more. Because let’s be real, in the world of beauty there are so many rumors and myths, and they need to be set straight – some of them could actually be damaging your skin. Plus, there’s literally soooo much to learn; even we’re constantly learning new and interesting facts from the beauty experts. Remember guys, knowledge is power, so get your beauty brain on…


Unfortunately, this is not true, in fact, it’s the opposite – sun exposure can make your pores look bigger. The common myth is that the sun will dry out your spots and give a golden glow that hides pores, but this is only temporary. The sun actually dehydrates your skin and causes your oil glands to grow, making your pores look bigger. It can also aggravate any blackheads and whiteheads, as the excess oil and sebum lead to more pore-clogging debris.


Despite the fact that the majority of nail artists will cut your cuticles, this is actually really bad! Your cuticles are your nail’s first line of defense against dirt and bacteria, so, when you cut them, you’re leaving your nails exposed and more prone to infection. Instead, use cuticle oil to soften your cuticles so you can gently push them back into place.


The quickest way to blow dry your hair is to “rough dry” it first, which is when you loosely blow dry it until it’s half dry. This will cut drying time in half! Plus, it’s much better for your hair as you’ll be exposing it to less heat – so healthier hair, and a glossier finish. We like to flip our hair upside down and blast it dry, finishing the rough dry with a blast of cool air – this will give the final look some major volume. It’s a total game changer.


Although it may seem like baking powder and concealer serve the same purpose (brightening your undereye), you need to apply concealer before you apply the setting powder to bake properly; so that the powder has something to grip to. Check out how to bake your eyes like a pro and have flawless makeup all day here.


We realize that the normal response to dry skin is to slap on a ton of moisturizer, but this can actually make matters worse. If you apply too much moisturizer, your skin could become dependant on it, causing your skin to lower sebum production – while for many of us this would seem like a positive, for dry skin it isn’t. Without this natural oil to keep your skin soft and supple, your skin will naturally become drier. Plus, just because you’re applying a larger quantity of product, this doesn’t mean it’ll all be absorbed into your skin, it’s just more likely to sit on the surface of your skin and clog your pores. To find out more info about moisturizing, check out our post on more moisturizing myths or our post on how to find the right moisturizer for your skin type.


Let us know if any of these beauty truths shocked you in the comments below. Xx