What's Your Beauty IQ: Are You A Beauty Pro Or A Beauty Newbie?


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At HB HQ we’re undeniably obsessed with beauty. We’re constantly gossiping about the latest product launches, asking each other for advice, testing products, and debating beauty myths. That’s why our blog is all about informing; giving you guys the best info from beauty experts around the world, so you know the facts and don’t believe the fiction. So whether you think you know it all, or you want to know more, take our beauty pop quiz – you’ll get to see what everyone else thinks too – and find out whether you’re an expert, a beauty lover or a beauty newbie…


THE TRUTH: We know it might seem extra, but if you don’t apply your beauty products in the right order, you can actually prevent your products from properly penetrating, so they won’t reach their full potential. You should always apply your facial oil last, as it’ll create a barrier on your skin to help retain moisture. If you apply it first, you’ll prevent other skincare products from being able to soak into your skin. For all the deets, check out our skincare layering guide.


THE TRUTH: Regardless of whether the sun is shining, you should always protect your skin from the damaging UV rays of the sun. We could barely believe it when dermatologist Dr. Friedmann told us that 70-80% of UV rays penetrate clouds and you’re still at risk of sun damage. So, during the summer months, you should always use a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 with 5-star UVA blockers. Although during the winter, SPF 15 will offer enough protection, which you can find in most foundations or BB creams. Check out our ultimate guide to SPF, and see all the myths you thought were true!


THE TRUTH: The myth that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer has to be THE most common. Oily skin can still be dehydrated, and if you don’t moisturize, you could actually trigger your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. The key to balancing oily skin is to find the right moisturizer that’ll hydrate and replenish, without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Look for a lightweight gel or water-based formula that’s non-comedogenic, as it won’t sit heavily on your skin and block your pores. Find the right type of moisturizer for your skin type here.


THE TRUTH: We’re completely obsessed with double cleansing! If you’re not familiar with this K-beauty trick, you basically cleanse twice: first with a cleansing oil, then with a water-based cleanser, like a foam, gel, or cream. Doing this means that all the dirt, SPF, oil, and makeup is thoroughly removed (trust us, once isn’t enough at the end of the day), and it’ll allow your other products to penetrate more deeply, maximizing their skincare powers. Here’s how to double cleanse like a pro.


THE TRUTHA lash lift is basically a perm for your lashes and it’ll last around eight weeks, as this is how long it’ll take for a new set of lashes to grow and replace your treated pair. Lash extensions, however, will last two to three weeks depending on how you care for them. Lash extensions will either fall out or you can have them professionally removed.


THE TRUTHAlthough exfoliating is really important, if you exfoliate too much you can seriously damage your skin. Microbead exfoliators are a common contributor to over-exfoliation, as they can be harsh on your skin; so instead of gently buffing away dead skin, they can remove your skin’s protective barrier, leaving your skin exposed. Plus, plastic microbeads are seriously damaging to the environment and aquatic wildlife. Instead, try a natural exfoliator (like sugar, coffee or bamboo) or a chemical exfoliate – get all the exfoliator deets here.


THE TRUTHA lot of people assume that spots on their booty are a form of acne. But it’s actually a condition called folliculitis, which is caused by wearing tight fabrics. The tightness of the clothing generates an occlusion of the follicles, which results in a buildup of the skin cells that line them. The friction from the tightness of clothing and sweat buildup creates an irritant reaction that leads to bumps, redness, and eventually marks left behind; especially if you scratch or pick at them. Check out our dermatologist’s guide to banishing booty spots.


THE TRUTHThis is another beauty myth that shocks a lot of people when they find out the truth, but shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back faster or thicker. It only feels as if it does, as when you shave, the hair is cut bluntly and it grows back at an angle that often feels rough. But the truth is, no matter how you removed the hair, you can’t change the growth – this is only determined at the follicle. The reason waxing makes hair grow back ‘thinner’ and more slowly, is because the hair that grows after is completely new and has a pointed tip so it can make its way through the pore. To prevent coarse regrowth, make sure you exfoliate before you shave and use a sharp, clean razor followed by a moisturizer 20 minutes after you shave. Here’s why we love shaving our faces.


THE TRUTH: There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a perfectly good pair of lashes in the trash, aka, a pair that has only been worn once or twice! As lash lovers, we know exactly how to care for our lashes so we can use them more than 10 times – being gentle is key! Check out our (video) guide to cleaning your lashes like a pro.


THE TRUTH: We had to throw in a trick question somewhere! Both anti-aging ingredients are vital if you have mature skin, and they work hand in hand. What makes retinol so effective is it helps the skin retain collagen (which is what keeps the skin firm), while also boosting skin cell turnover helping smooth and even out the skin. So, by using both ingredients simultaneously, you’ll not only boost the levels of collagen and therefore increase the elasticity of your skin, but the retinol will maximize its effect, keeping your skin looking young and fresh.


THE TRUTH: One thing most of us are guilty of is not drinking enough water, and although we know it’s bad for our health, we might not realize how detrimental it is for our skin. But staying hydrated will help your skin looking younger (when you’re dehydrated fine lines are more obvious), brighter, and clearer, and it even helps with weight loss. Check out what happened when we doubled our water intake.


THE TRUTH: This is another habit that’s so widely believed but it’s actually really bad for your nails. Filling your nails using a seesaw motion will weaken the nail bed as it creates too much friction. You should instead use long single-direction motions. For more nail strengthening tips, check out this post.


THE TRUTH: Even we were surprised when we found out this beauty truth… You should in fact only use shower gel in areas of your skin that are oily, like your genitals, and any areas where you sweat, aka your underarms, back, and feet. As your arms, legs, and body produce less natural oils they’re more likely to become dry. Although if you’ve had an intense HIIT workout or spin class and you’re more sweaty than Betty, feel free to wash your entire body!