Curling Mascaras That Are A Legit Lash Lift In A Tube (Under $30)


Lash Curling-Mascaras

In our pre-pandemic lives, eyelash extensions were a monthly staple of ours. Then the hard lockdown came about, and we temporarily bid farewell to our pretty faux peepers and had to find the next best thing for some lash drama. Thankfully our occasional bouts of online retail therapy paid off as we uncovered some amazing mascaras during this time. The six tubes below provide a curling effect that’s literal lash lift levels. Spot any faves?

Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara, $26


Source: Sephora.

We’ve been obsessed with this mascara for years. It features a nifty ‘hook ’n roll’ brush that gently grips onto lashes to ensure each one is evenly separated and curled, leaving you with a clump-free and ‘eye-opening’ lash finish. Key ingredients include provitamin B5 and serin to give your peepers some TLC as you coat them up. It’s available in a mini travel-size version as well that’s perfect for your minute handbag.

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, $10


Source: Ulta.

This mascara promises a lash lift effect, and boy does it not disappoint. This award-winning triple threat delivers length, volume, and dramatic lift thanks to its tiny fibers that latch onto your lashes to give you a falsies finish. It comes in three black shade variations — blackest black, ultra-black, and very black. 

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara, $16


Source: Glossier.

If you love a natural, classic lash look, this mascara is made for you. Its flexi and slick brush lightly separates, lengthens, and lifts. The result is gorgeously perked-up lashes that still look super-natural — this is mainly due to its micro-fine fibers that give off a real lash feel. Clumps are non-existent with this gem, and it’s also completely water-resistant. We can 100% confirm that this can withstand an INTENSE crying session.

YSL The Curler Lengthening and Curling Mascara, $29


Source: Sephora.

On the boujee spectrum of mascaras, YSL takes first place. The magic here is its hybrid brush technology, which combines lash-defining curved elastomer combs on one side and lash-curling rounded fiber bristles on the other. Begin with the latter, to shape and volumize your lashes, then end off with the elastomer comb to lift and separate. Also, an added extra is its inclusion of coconut, walnut leaf, and bamboo oils to keep your lashes healthy and strong. 

Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara, $24


Source: Sephora.

Another award-winning must-have, this multi-tasking mascara provides a gorgeous and glossy pitch-black lash finish. It’s a ‘9-in-1’ powerhouse with a unique fine-toothed and domed design that volumizes, builds, and curls lashes, all while carrying through with its promise of day-long staying power. It consists of some lash-loving ingredients, too — peach leaf and licorice root extracts, as well as panthenol and vitamin E, to strengthen and nourish lashes. 

Legit Lashes Double-Ended Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara, $27


If you live for lash drama, our mascara will leave you with the most luxe and lush-looking lashes ever. It’s a 4-in-1 tube that brings together two brushes and two formulations in a cool dual-ended design. Use the Volume end for a major volume boost — this formula contains teeny volumizing fibers to make your lashes look fuller and thicker. Then finish with the Curl & Lenght end for when you desire a rounded curl and some added length. Here, we’ve infused 5mm lengthening fibers to give you that fluttery, fanned-out effect. Use each side individually or combine them (which we highly recommend) for an in-your-face lash finish. 

P.S. We recently launched a Legit Lashes waterproof topcoat as well, to add a sweat-resistant seal over your flawless peepers. Learn all about it here

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