This Blush Trend Is Serving All The Spring Vibes


blush draping

Blush has experienced a modern-day renaissance and TBH, we get it – used correctly and it can lift and snatch your cheekbones while leaving your skin with the most stunning rosy glow. So much so that we’re relying on our contour less and less these days.

The trend has already been seen (and enjoyed) on the red carpet and the runway at the S/S 2022 shows, including Anna Sui and Carolina Herrara, and then reconfirmed this month at shows like Lemaire and Christian Cowan. Basically, blush is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down.

One recent blush technique, which is being dubbed 2022’s biggest trend, is blush draping. Think Rihanna 2017 Met Gala. This look put blush draping on the map, but it was actually first popularized by Cher’s MUA way back in the 70s. Here’s everything you need to know about the coveted blush technique.

What is Blush Draping?

Blush draping is a technique that applies a strategic pop of color along the cheekbones, all the way up to your temples, framing the eyes and often transitioning into eyeshadow, however, this is not always the case. This blush placement emphasizes the natural contours of your cheekbones and lifts and snatches for a flushed, sculpted glow.

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One of the best things about blush draping is you can totally tailor it to your taste. You can opt for different formula finishes, from matte to dewy, and you can also experiment with different hues. Whether you go for a bright mix of eye-popping shades or keep it understated with neutral tones, it always creates the most stunning, snatched final look. Seriously, blush is the new contour in our opinion!

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When it comes to finding the right blush, this technique works beautifully with both powder and cream blush. In fact, we like to layer different blush formulas to intensify the blush look and guarantee all-day wear.

Whichever formula you choose to use, concentrate the color on the highpoints of your cheeks and temples.

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In case you haven’t heard, we just revealed our new Huda Beauty Cheeky Tint Blush Sticks, $25, which are perfect for this hack. They’re super pigmented and have a juicy dewy finish you’ll fall in love with.


We also love the Danessa Myricks Vision Flush Blush, Eyeshadow and Lip Color, $20, for this hack as you can also use the formula on the lid, if you want to opt for the more intense final look.

Powder formulas also work well if you want to drag the formula onto the eyelid, without having to worry about creasing throughout the day. Simply apply your blush to your cheekbones, temples, and hairline, then take an eyeshadow brush and dip it into your blusher, buff it into the crease of your lid and drag it out towards your temples.

Of course, for this method, we love to use our GloWish Cheeky Vegan Powder Blush, $21, as it’s easily buildable and gives your cheek the most beautiful rosy glow.

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When it comes to finding the perfect shade for blush draping, don’t limit yourself. Blush draping is such an expressive blush style so feel free to layer multiple shades and use vibrant, feel-good hues.

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If you don’t have bold blush shades, grab your fave eyeshadow palette instead. Use a medium-size loose fluffy brush to apply the shadow along your cheekbones and temples in small circular motions. This will help buff out the pigment for a seamless finished look.

If an intense color palette feels a little intimidating, simply use your go-to blush and get to work on the placement. Start by applying your chosen blush from the top of the apples of your cheeks and move upwards along your cheekbones to your temples. We also like to sweep our blush around our hairline to bring the look together. We love this burnt orange blush look (above) created by celeb MUA Patrick Ta. It’s super subtle yet lifts the model’s cheekbones to new heights; it also looks more natural than classic contour shades.

Our Blush Draping Hack

Okay, so call us creative because we tweaked one of TikTok’s fave blush hacks, and it made blush draping SO easy. The OG technique is named ombré blush and involves applying two shades of a liquid or cream blush (a lighter and a deeper shade) to add dimension to the cheek area and subtly contour and lift the face.

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For the OG hack, you apply the lighter blush shade to the apples of your cheeks and the more intense shade at the highpoint of your cheeks. However, to drape your blush, apply the deeper blush shade along your cheekbones and then the light shade on the temples and around the eye. Blend out, et voila, a more subtle draped blush look.

Would you try this blush technique? Let us know in the comments below.

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