This Female-Founded Haircare Brand Has Multitasking Formulas You'll Love

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When we discover anything with a two-for-the-price-of-one deal, our instant reaction is: yes, PUHHHLEASE. Obviously, this extends to our beauty buys, so we squealed when we found ByErim’s lineup of multitasking shampoos, conditioners, and oils. Here’s how they gave us (and everyone in our bathroom) the ultimate root (and beard) revival.

The 101 on ByErim

CEO and Founder Erim Kaur decided to kickstart her healthy hair mission to honor her beloved mom and her luscious locks, who passed away when she was young. Working alongside her grandma, who shared her traditional South Asian hair secrets, Erim coated her strands with all-natural remedies and learned firsthand that old truly is gold.

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Erim was not about to gatekeep something so revolutionary, so she shared her discovery with the rest of the world through a five-piece haircare lineup that works wonders on tresses and beards alike. In it, you’ll find a luxuriously-packaged shampoo, conditioner, and oil trio, alongside a hairbrush and vegan silk hair wrap. 

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ByErim also gets environmentally-friendly points from us, as every bottle is sustainably designed with dissolvable stickers, and the formulas inside are also free from toxins and chemicals. The formulas nourish your strands with derm-tested vegan ingredients, making it easier to achieve a root-to-tip transformation. 

Our Fave ByErim Products

1. Luxury Hair & Beard Shampoo, $40

1-Luxury-Hair-&-Beard-ShampooSource: ByErim

What’s in it: Caffeine and Japanese mint to stimulate and boost hair growth, conditioning radish root ferments, and exfoliating lactic acid.

Why we love it: Lactic acid in a shampoo? Genius. This scalp-restoring shampoo whisks away dead skin cells (read: dandruff) with a cooling sensation. Unlike most dandruff shampoos, it doesn’t zap the moisture out of your strands but rebalances your scalp or beard for zero dryness and itchiness. Aaand the herbal-y fragrance notes? Divine and perfect for anyone in the family!

2. Luxury Hair & Beard Conditioner, $40

2-Luxury-Hair-&-Beard-ConditionerSource: ByErim

What’s in it: Castor oil to fight inflammation, antioxidant-rich amla extracts, soothing patchouli, and hydrating betaine (derived from sugar beets). 

Why we love it: This castor oil-infused conditioner makes it easier to give your locks some TLC. Rich in fatty acids, it moisturizes your hair and/or beard so your strands feel silky smooth in seconds while antibacterial patchouli soothes. The best part? Betaine keeps the actives from messing with your skin, so you never have to worry about a skin reaction. 

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ALERT: Multitasking hero! This conditioner can be used in four ways: a) as a classic conditioner applied after shampooing and rinsed out after a minute, b) as a conditioning treatment to soften your beard, c) as a leave-in on damp hair to keep flyaways in check d) as an intense moisture mask.

3. Luxury Hair & Beard Oil, $64

3-Luxury-Hair-&-Beard-OilSource: ByErim

What’s in it: Antioxidant-rich amla and argan oil to support hair growth, protein-rich castor oil, nourishing coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and fragrant essential oils. 

Why we love it: This hair-slash-beard oil is a game-changer that works on all hair (and beard) types. Enriched with eight pure oils, it’s brimming with antioxidants, fatty acids, and nutrients that stimulate healthier hair growth. Our pro tip? Coat the ends of your hair (leave in for as long as you can) before washing for your silkiest strands EVER. 

4. Luxury Hairbrush, $24

5-Luxury-HairbrushSource: ByErim

Why we love it: Made of vegan boar bristles, this brush has rounded tips that stimulate your follicles for faster hair growth and feel ohhhh-so-good. If you usually struggle to brush your hair, you’ll love how its flexible bristles of different lengths glide through without any painful tugging or ouchies. We also love how its wooden base reduces static energy around the scalp!

5. Silk Hair Wrap, $32

4-Silk-Hair-WrapSource: ByErim

Why we love it: This vegan silk hair wrap will protect your hair from tangling as you catch your ZZZs while evenly distributing your natural oils. It’s made with protein-based fibers that have a naturally cool temperature, so your scalp never feels uncomfortable during bedtime. Did we mention that it works for ALL hair types and lengths? Seriously…

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One word: Obsessed. BTW, here’s another luxurious beauty brand we’re obsessed with.

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