Can A Motorized Brush Blend Foundation Better Than Me?


BlendSMART brush review huda beauty

I’m a firm believer that beauty and technology go hand in hand, and I have to say, when I saw this product at Sephora, I knew I had to try it. Could a motorized brush beat a makeup artist at flawless foundation application? I’ll be honest; I wasn’t sure the blendSMART2 Foundation Brush could. But, you know me, I had to review this for you guys. The blendSMART brush has a motorized head that moves in circular motions, which is entirely different to the dabbing and stippling application I use for my foundation. Have I been missing out on this technique all these years?!

What it is: It’s the only motorized makeup brush that spins clockwise at 190 RPM – much faster than I think I could go! It has one speed, which is designed to work with any liquid or powder products. Five interchangeable brush heads connect magnetically to a battery-powered handle, and they’re antimicrobial and soft enough for use on sensitive skin. You can choose from powder, blush, foundation, and definer brush heads, as well as a full coverage foundation or finishing brush head.

What it does: It’s designed to blend makeup for a flawless airbrush finish effortlessly. Liquids should be dabbed sparingly across the face, and then you should move the blendSMART over your face to blend. For powders, dip the brush into your powder and tap off any excess before sweeping the brush across your face. The variety of brushes makes blending and building coverage easy for beginners.

What we liked: If you like very little coverage, this brush might work well for you; otherwise it’ll take you a long time to reach your desired level of cake! I think this could work best as a finisher brush: I found it struggled to move the makeup around my face, but it could be useful after your initial foundation application to ensure a smooth finish.

What we didn’t like: The first thing I noticed was the motor didn’t seem strong enough. I’m always very light-handed when I apply makeup, so it seemed strange that when I added pressure, the brush seemed to stop, making blending much harder. I tried all three brushes – a stippling brush, a full coverage foundation brush, and a blush brush head – and found that with both powders and foundation, it was hard to move the product around my face, and it didn’t give the flawless finish it promised. I actually felt frustrated because it took me much longer to do my makeup than it usually would, and it made it a little hard to blend well.

Ultimately, I bought this specifically to review because I hoped it would be something new and revolutionary. I think if it had a stronger battery or it was rechargeable, it would have more power, and it might blend better. I’m also very experienced with makeup application, so this might be something makeup beginners would find useful. As technology develops, I think this definitely has the potential to be really cool.

Price: $69 for the new blendSMART2 starter brush set, which includes one Universal Foundation Brush head. Further brush heads are £26 per piece.